Anyone have experience with Hetzner Dedicated Server

Hey guys,

Looking for some advice about Hetzner dedicated servers, i remember i saw a post on the forum about someone using them.

I signed up with them a couple of days ago and all was good for the first 24 hours, actually all was amazing, was getting about 10k verified links per hour.

Then i received an email saying "We received information that there is an attack on your server. The responsible people have been requested to solve the problem and to give a statement as to the reason."

Then another email saying "We regret to inform you that your server with the IP address mentioned in the above subject line has been the target of an attack.

As a result, this has placed a considerable strain on network resources and consequently a segment of our network has been very adversely affected.

The IP address of your server has therefore been blocked.

A corresponding traffic protocol is attached for your information."

The traffic protocol showed only one IP i recognized, my home IP!!!

I transferred around 1 GB of data onto the server and somehow they have considered this part of an attack it seems.

I've contacted customer services and they don't seem to be very helpful, they replied and said all was ok and the server was unlocked but i still can't access it and have no idea about this so called "attack".

But i still couldn't access the server and have now received another email the same of as the first warning me of an attack.

I am assuming they are considering the normal usage of SER as an attack, i could be wrong :S

Anyway, my question is... Is anyone here using this company with success or anyone has experienced similar and might be able to offer some advice?

Thanks in advance.


  • MrXMrX Germany
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    As they are a german company and they are very strict about spam and stuff and got a huge abuse section it might not be the best idea to use them for blackhat tools!
  • goonergooner
    thanks for the reply @magicmastermind.

    Oh no! I've never heard of them, just saw a recommendation on this forum and the prices are very good.

    Can anyone else confirm that you should not use BH tools/SER on their servers?
  • goonergooner
    @bnaimy - Are you still using Hetzner with no issues?
    Please let me know, cheers.
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    I used multiple hetzner dedicated servers for many years with FULL success
    and now after closing my publishing career and life-project, I still have my ex-site as "modified domain parking" for the next 10 yrs prepaid  @ hetzner

    hetzner is a strict WH host for quality sites
    nothing that could ever go into BH or spam
    abuse of resources leads to your current experiences

    I had up to 2TB traffic on single days = ZERO problems
    lots of updates, uploads, etc = ZERO problems
    support always instant
    and in many yrs only once a tech problem = that was with my oldest first server
    later never again
    normally zero downtime

    hetzner IMO is the VERY BEST and fastest and most economical by all means compared to any other host, specially US based hosts

    SER use as described by several here in forum however may more likely go into spam and abuse section of our planet = nothing for quality oriented hosts

    hetzner is an extended family business as far as I know ... (though GmbH)
    would you risk your extended family property and family livelihood for spammy stuff ??
  • goonergooner
    Thanks @hans51, it's no problem if they prefer not to have BH stuff on their servers,

    The only strange thing is many people on this forum recommend them as a good host for SER, which it seems is not a good recommendation at all.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
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    Yep, they are not the best choice IMHO.

    A lot of VPS providers are good to be honest, like what we have on these forums. They work great!
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    I had clients who used Hetzner a few years ago, could never figure out their account part, was a real pain. I would go with Berman. Everybody here seems to use them - for good reason. If you are using proxies then you don't have anything to worry about?
  • goonergooner
    Thanks guys, appreciate all the advice.
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    Berman's site is down and my VPS there has been down all day. Anyone know what's up?
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    Its not down for me and my VPS's work fine... Maybe issue on your side?
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    Berman is using Hetzner servers to host their clients anyway. I'm thinking that a dedi from Hetzner is a very good idea ..I guess.
  • goonergooner
    yes, until Hetzner ban you for spam... it happened to me.
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    Got banned after two weeks.

    I have five dedicated servers for non SEO stuffs.  Quite good pricing.  However support experience could be awful, i.e. non competent technical support.  Had a server with repeated hardware issues.  Had to cancel and replaced it with a fresh one.  The Tech Support couldn't help much.

    For SEO, I'm on Solid SEO VPS. $15/month.  Pretty decent experience.  Happy with them so far.
  • Oh, I forgot to share my other experience with Hetzner.

    Seems like they don't apply good intrusion prevention systems (IPS).  My servers have been constantly under brute force attacks.  Most of the attempts are targeting RDP access using default admin name and weak passwords.  One of my MS SQL Servers showed some anomalies such as unusual services switched on.  Took me half day to clean up the 'mess'.  My lesson-learned is to always change the default admin account, use strong password and always apply patches on time.

    I don't find these attacks on other dedicated or VPS hosting.  I used Atum before (quite expensive but reliable).
  • I have been using a dedi from Hetzner for the past one year and never had a problem except when scraping proxies with zenno.

    Have been using all the BH tools ( GSA, TD, scrapebox, zenno ) on the server ( with proxies ).
    Use a lot of bandwidth on a daily basis.

    IMHO, Hetzner provides the best value for money.

  • @gooner .. So How Berman hosting & Solid Seo vps are using hetzner servers with all these seo tools installed ?? maybe you didn't use a good anonymous proxies ?....@zingzingzing ..I'm about to purchase a dedi from hetzner for my SEO tools ( gsa ser , scrapebox ..etc ) do you still recommend them ? of course the use of good private proxies is a must..but I'm just wondering if there is anything else I should be aware of ?
  • Even Solid will tell you their EU servers are very strict and certain program cannot be used.
  • goonergooner
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    Good luck, that's all i can say ;)

    Search around and you'll see it wasn't only me.
  • @Samx ..yes , but you can run SER & Scrapebox with no issues and they are using Hetzner servers.

    @gooner .. Yes , I know but I'm sure there is a catch. If Solid Seo Vps can do it on this large scale we can do it for our VPSs as well.

    @zingzingzing .. any tips other than good private proxies ?? your help is much appreciated.
  • goonergooner
    @mamadou - Solidseovps are a reseller, different rules apply to them.
    Anyway Google is your friend, consult him on this issue and you will see it is common.
    Hetzner are German, they have some of the strictest anti-spam/abuse policies.
    But it's your choice :)
  • I would avoid Berman and Hetzner and Afrihost. They are all pretty bad.
  • i used ovh and hetzner without problems just dont use your main ip and get a bunch of more ips ..for your vm wares and use proxies .. never ever had a problem with SER and SB with this setup
  • Been with Hetzner for 2 weeks. It is a waste of time and money.
    They send me warning email for attacks everyday! They started locking my server 2 days ago. Yesterday twice. Today one time.

    Support is not helping. They do not offer a solutions. Says that I am receiving too many packets and that it is crashing their network. That is with 200 threads! My home machine on a 10MB home connection is getting more threads with more submitted and verified per day.

    They say I need to limit the packets per second but do not offer any help on how to do that.

    I am canceling the server now. 
  • Tropics
    You use proxies on Hetzner server ?
  • I used 10 private proxies from buyproxy and used them for everything on GSA SER. 
    Run only GSA SER and CB.

    When I went over 150,000 packet per second (just by running more threads on GSA SER) they lock the server saying server is being attacked and crashing their network.
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