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Penguin 2.1 Announced!!



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    So many people still believing it's down to anchor text variations.. or lack of..

    It's not - it's down to the fact that google knows all the spam sites now that everybody uses gsa ser to post to.

    Is it so hard to get your heads around that these sites are the scurge of the internet in google's eyes, and any sites that have excessive number of links from these sites fall into the same category too?

    And for those who would say "Oh well i only point them to my tier ones"... or... "Well i only point pr 2 and above contextual links to my tier ones"... Don't kid yourself.. Google's not stupid.

    I said it before, and ill say it again - *sneaky aff link removed* are the way to go. Why? Because these links aren't on the list of disavowed links - simple.
  • Dropping affiliate links, well done, let's all listen to you.
  • blog networks... i dont think so... i have 1 site ranking #4 with backlinks from a high PR blog network, after this update is not even in the top 100
  • Out of curiosity. Everyone who has been negatively impacted by the Penguin update, what service were you using to index your links?
  • i dont believe indexing have anything to do with the negative hit... the only way a indexing service can negatively hit your website is if you dont drip feed... 
  • its down to the authority of the site linking to your links, why google will trust a link from a site with trillion of OBL.
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    I really would like to hear from some of the big guys on the SER forum. Whether only a couple of us were hit by this Penquin, or if the major SER users and friendly forum advisors were also hit. This thread isn't growing as fast as I thought it would - so its only a few of us, or a lot of people have spent the last few days trying to get a day job. Lol
  • @mike remember this is not a SEO forum
  • @rodol Well this might be the issue then. I'll be first to admit I don't really know what drip feeding is. I've simply been indexing all my links with GSA SEO Indexer once or twice a week.
  • Imo,  You are all freaking out to soon.  Seriously give a week or two before you change anything up.
  • I agree that it is a bit early to reach a conclusion. It isn't too early to be researching the SERPs to see what *is* ranking. After all if you are not where you used to be, someone is. This is the beauty of Google, they show you their hand.
  • ronron

    I don't see why this is any different from any other update. If you're crushed, just move the affected sites to new domains. By the time you're done testing 'why did this happen, was it anchors'?, etc., that update already left and new updates with different triggers will hit. I could understand trying to figure it all out if it was the same update every time, but it isn't.

    When this stuff happens, I do nothing. Wait for the dust to settle. Read about other people's experiences. Look at your sites. See if there is a pattern. Do things a little differently on the next sites. It's a numbers game. Most perish, some survive, a few thrive. Just keep going and build some new sites. Hint: new sites are easier to rank.


  • I agree with Ron... time to re-build and not sweat it out. As for diversity in anchor text being the problem I,ve found 3 affiliate sites this morning ranking #1 with over 80% exact anchor. One of them had 91%...

    I think penguin is named penguin because it waddles around without much direction...
  • gtsurfs Yeah, on another forum I saw 3 different examples of sites with crazy over optimized anchors ranking fine...

    ron you are right. I am working on recovering a site from the last update still... lol
    It is just an experiment and it still makes money so why not. But in generaly, good advise.
  • ron and others, how do we move the site to a different domain. I can back it up and all. But what do I do to the initial site to make sure that I'm not putting duplicate content on my new site. And how long do I have to wait before moving the content over?
  • Also ron, how did your sites fare?
  • ronron

    You can do it 2 ways:

    1) You can just setup an htaccess spider block (preferred) or block using robots.txt on your current site so that google is stopped from visiting your site. As soon as you do that, you can move the old stuff right away to a new domain.

    2) The second method (which I use because I have seen google's spider ignore blocks) is to take down all content, stick in something different (crap, spin, videos, etc.) and spam like crazy. Get google there basically to see the new stuff. The google cache takes about 2 weeks to clear and start showing new content. Then you start up your new website with the old content.

    I fully expect all sites these days to take it in the shorts. Most do, a few don't. A site is lucky to make it unscathed at 6 - 9 months. I love updates because that is exactly the beginning of your next window. So when updates hit, launch new sites. Instead of warbling about what the hell just happened (you should have expected it), you work on creating your next cash flow because the stopwatch just started again.

  • MrXMrX Germany
    I have to say that since I am only using SER for my linkbuilding, not a single site got penalized in penguin 2 or 2.1 or whatever. Maybe I am just lucky but for those who are interested, a short overview on what I do:

    I dont do "money sites" I mostly work for clients who pay me on a monthly basis for doing SEO.
    All my clients are german therefore I am ranking on but also got some pretty nice results on .com too.
    I use a simple 3 tier structure with 2 campaigns (1 article + 1 social) per client and I try to limit verified links to like 50/day on tier 1.
    I change my content for the submissions like once per month. German handwritten content for tier 1, WAC and KontentMachine + TBS for tier 2 + 3.
    I only use GSA Indexer and it's always turned on so I'm not indexing 5000k links once per week but a few hundred per day, seems more natural to me even if I loose a little LpM because of the indexer.
    As I built a desktop computer only for running SER at home, I am NOT running it 24/7 like a VPS does. Sometimes I just turn it off, maybe because I am away for a few days or the noise goes on someons nerves if he tries to sleep in the same room ;)
    So there definetly is some change in my link building behaviour, not constantly XX/links 24/7.

    Maybe this is all crap and I am just lucky but I thought someone might be interested in it ;)
  • @ron Still yet to hear from you if any of your sites got hit. If you're wanting to keep that secret, we can understand that. :P
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    Anyone have a suggestion how to use GSA to post quality content and not a unreadable spun content, is there a tool that can do that or I need to create those article manually, but even if I do that, how to give GSA those article, I know that I can use a macro to a folder with content files and GSA will take randomly from that folder an articles, but I would like to have the same possibility of SEnuke to be able to use files (like for example 01.txt,02.txt, 03.txt) and SEnuke will use a files only one time, I did try to search the forum and the help of GSA but canโ€™t find a way to do that, maybe Sven can help with this?

  • My previous site got slapped hard that got hit by Penguin 2.0. So this ties in with what people are saying. Domain is a year old.

    Other sites TOUCH WOOD are okay.
  • @magicmastermind I have been looking for a German user of SER! Do you need any new clients? I am very interested
  • @ron When transferring content from penalized site to new site, why not just terminate the penalized site? This will be my first time having to rebuild.
  • @sr1racer That's what he's saying. But you do it the right way in order to be safe and not on Google's radar.
  • edited October 2013
    I doubt Google keeps a record of all penalised sites content. However if the on-page stuff triggered something before, it will just do it again.

    All you need is a new IP address and domain. Total cost about $10.
  • ronron

    @Pratik, most of my sites got penalized and others did just fine. I think it has to do with the age. Newer ones seem to always escape unharmed. I am not really trying to avoid any penalty, so I am not babying my approach on anything. My goal is to make money, and I can't do that nearly as well if I am trying to thread a needle where I don't get penalized but rank really well. In today's environment, it is basically one or the other.

    @sr1racer - Terminating the site doesn't affect the outcome. The only thing needed is to make sure Google does not think you have duplicate content. 

  • edited October 2013
    @ron when you say penalized, do you mean deindexed? Let's say your previous top 5 spot result has dropped to 15 , do you leave it? Or keep at it to get it back to top 5? (I mean after a few days/weeks of waiting for it to level out)
  • Also for those in the UK - if you google 'payday loans' it comes up with Wizzcash. They have an 'interesting' backlink profile, I'll admit I haven't followed this niche for ages, but have they always been number 1 or it is only since the 2.1 updates?
  • @Ron: Which Affiliate Program do you use? Some Viagra? Loans? Casinos?
  • I'm also curious to hear what most of you guys do. I mean what makes you most money, what type of affiliates, I mean Amazon, Clickbank, CPA or like what? @ron @spunko2010 Its always good to hear to keep more doors open.
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