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How To Repost to Article Platforms

edited October 2012 in Need Help
Does anyone know if there's a way to repost to article/blog/social platforms?
In other software, with stuff like VB Blogs, phpmotion, dolphin etc I usually repost to an account to save going through the whole signup process again but I can't see this option. If it's not possible, is there any chance it could be added?



  • +1 for this.
    Would be great to add to the authority of the account, and to spare some captchas.
  • A number of platforms already support this. Bookmarking is a good example. To enable it you need to deselect "avoid posting url on same domain twice". You can also import your account data from one project to another tools>import>account data from other projects.

    You need to exercise caution on some platforms however since the forum profile will obviously overwrite your existing link. It would be useful to have a section in FAQ so that people know which platforms it is safe to use this option with - I am no expert in which ones you have to be careful of overwriting existing links....
  • it appears you can double click the project, tools > export > account data OR

    double click project > tools > import > account data from project then answer yes to import the urls as well.
  • ok cool thanks - will try  this later :)
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