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Spamvilla recaptcha displayed as "recognized as" are often WRONG

The below is either a CB bug or spamvilla OCR bug


May be its a CB error to display the first spamvilla guess (out of 3 attempts in my case) and the actually approved one is following later without being shown.
or may be spamvilla simply displaying as "recognized" any guess - wrong or right.

However I initially assumed the captcha value displayed would be the correct final one approved by the site ...

I monitored a while the samvilla recaptcha in CB and noticed quiet frequent totally wrong captcha values as being "recognized"

the 2 images show 2 captcha each and both pics are from within a few minutes only. both pics show errors in value in all captcha "recognized".


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    The word "recognized" means just that - it was recognized. It doesn't say it was 100% solved because there is no way for the OCR to know that.

    As far as I know, CB is just receiving the captchas that are being sent from the service. Keep in mind that service uses OCR as well so it can't be 100% perfect but it should still be pretty good. 

    For those recaptchas only the curvy word needs to be correct for the captcha to be solved.
  • thanks for clarification s4nt0s
    I thought the sites like spamvilla may know if correct or NOT simply be receiving some sort of OK from sire or NO more captcha error from site = meaning positively solved

    and in above 4 captchas of course also the curvy word wrong

    as I understand we thus never know if a paid service correct or not  only by testing  and monitoring LpM
  • hans51 recaptcha only require one word correctly solved from 2 , i can see apart from first all rest 3 guessed in first attempt i hope it clear the doubt it also mentioned in spamvilla thread too before opening a thread i strongly suggest you to check spamvilla thread or open a ticket about it in client area , more over you can test by adding a retry value in GSA SER like 3 or 4 for captcha and if u monitor CB properly you can see you never see any sites From GSA SER sending Recaptcha To CB more then twice or max 3 sites (which i find quite rare too) i hope it clear the doubt you have
  • SvenSven
    Also keep in mind that even if a captcha looks incorrectly, it seems that big G. is a bit relaxed here. I have seen situations where even the known word to G. was only partly right (e.g. one char not correct) and it was still accepting it. @Spamvilla do you know if thats right?
  • Sven confirming that too forgot to add this as well lets say if the word "Answer" solved as "ansrer" 80% times its also goes through fine
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