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Hello guys, i great you all, please i need your help. where can i get a cheap and reliable VPS server to use with my GSA SER.. i need to setup my GSA Ranker  to build links to my website 24/7. i dont want to use my PC and internet connection anymore because it consumes my bandwidth. kindly help thanks


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    Here is my review....

    Hetzner -- Cheap dedicated servers (I'm paying 59 Euro/month for EX4S which provides 32GB RAM, 2x3 TB HDD, i7-2600 Quadcore). The problem is, their internet pipe is rather small.  At times, it could be slow for pumping the campaign out.  Not recommended for GSA SER.  However, they are good for web and database server stuffs.

    SolidSEOVPS -- Cheap VPS from $15/month.  I've signed up for their entry level VPS (the "Newbie").  It's been one week now and doing good.  I use this for indexing and scraping.  Looking to test SER after I've got my additional CS license next week.  They have 30-day money back, so no much financial risks.

    There is also other cheap VPS such as TrustVM.  However I haven't tried it.  Left a sales inquiry via their Contact Us but not getting reply.
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    SolidSEOVPS website only said 7 days money back guarantee  and wish to know how much your bandwidth usage 
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