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how solving captchas work with CS

edited June 2013 in Need Help
Ok, please give me full answer how solving of captcha works in GSA + CS.

Here is my settings:
- CS as first 
- DBC as second (only for PR1+)

- try to solve unknown captchas

1. gsa sends recaptcha image to cs
2. cs tries to solve it X times
3. cs fails. Fails means - X attempts, after every gsa gets messaage 'captcha incorrect'
4. gsa sends image to DBC if PR1+

is that correct? if not... enlighten me please :(

Best Answers

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    CB knows it failed if the answer is not in correct length, wrong chars in it or no result. So it knows it is incorrect and will not deliver anything. CS however has nothing like that. Whenever CS finds something (even if length is just 2 chars where the result is always 4 in length e.g.) it delivers it.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    next version will do this...if service1 failed to often on same captcha (reply + it is obviously wrong) it tries service2 on last try.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    1) Of course this new behavior is only used if you enabled service 1 and 2 in project.

    2) I don't think it is any problem at all as said in point1, the captcha delivered by service1 would have been solved wrong all the time and thats only a consequence to try service2 here as it sees a better chance to solve the captcha on the last step.

    3) It's not project based but you can see the stats for all projects at the bottom ( c:  captchas-service1| captchas-service2| captchas-askmebot).



  • SvenSven
    if CS gives an answer it is not sending to DBC as it assumes the captcha is correct. By the way CS can not solve recaptcha...just skip it.
  • edited June 2013
    does CB work the same way?

    I found somewhere on forum your post about it:
    ..but I don't know if that's correct

    Let's assume the image is different each time it is downloaded. Than it's send 6 times to CB, if it finds an answer, it is not send to the second captcha option in SER and also not to the captcha service defined in CB.

    If it doesn't find an answer after 6 tries, it is sent to the captcha service defined in CB. If that still fails (unlikely unless it's configured wrong or service id down or out of balance) it is sent to the second captcha service in SER.

  • SvenSven
    Thats how it works indeed.
  • so the difference between CS na CB is...
    if CS tries to solve captcha - it is assumed that this gonna be correct? CS assumes this or GSA?
  • SvenSven
    if any captcha system is delivering anything, it is assumed that his is a solution. When submitting however we only know if it really way OK or not (error message like "captcha was wrong"). Than if that appears, the program tries some more (download a new captcha and sends that to the service/program).
  • this sounds like contradiction to: 
    "if CS gives an answer it is not sending to DBC as it assumes the captcha is correct"
    but about CB you wrote:
    "If that still fails (CB) it is sent to the second captcha service in SER"

    sorry, maybe I don't get programmers stuff... but I still don't see how this should work
  • thanks Sven - now I understand the difference :-)
  • edited June 2013
    one more confirmation I need....

    Assuming that:
    1. in every project I use 1st and 2nd service
    2. 1st CS and 2nd DBC
    3. checked 'try to solve unknown captchas' in CS
    4. it results DBC is never used, because CS gives always (in his notion) correct answer

    right? or some exceptions occur?
  • and one more question...

    is it possible to make it work that.... CS sends a message "hey, gsa, try this answer, if that's not correct push it to other captcha service"?
    is it GSA SER case or rather CS - or both of you as developers?
  • SvenSven
    I don't think that the 'try to solve unknown captchas' in CS does anything good. It is bad on known captchas already replying with incorrect length of results so I wouldn't count to much on that function. But yes if that gives a "answer" it is not using DBC at all.
  • ok, thx for info. writing again - because you might not get notification to see my last question as we posted at the same time ;) check it above ;)
  • SvenSven
    No thats impossible, as once submitted, you cannot use that same captcha answer again.
  • I know it is impossible to send the same image (if it reloads after every page refresh), but I mean to do it another way

    1. in SER captcha settings you set 6 retries for 1st service
    2. if it fails after 6 retries
    3. SER sends another image (as a 7th retry) to 2nd service

    I thought that's the idea of 1st and 2nd captcha service in SER.....
    If first fails (solved uncorrect) it sends another image to second

    isn't it easy to deploy? :)
  • thank you very much for this :-) I can't wait to install it :)
  • few things about this update.

    1) is this new solution take into account settings of gsa? (for example, I have set to use DBC only if PR>=2. Disabled to use 2nd service (use only 1st) in most projects and $$$ are devoured :]
    I fear that this update is skipping this settings, please check this...

    2) i think there should be option to 'choose' whether you want to use 2nd service as this update stated. I think that some users might not want to accept actual conditions because it is captcha consuming

    3) it would be nice if we could know now, what project is consuming the most DBC resources (I mean, 2nd service)

    I don't have a lot of projects and I really feel the difference in DBC consumption, like at least 100 captchas / 10minutes, but of course LPM increased
  • ok, thx for explanation
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