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Thinking to grab "Article Builder" , what do you guys think ?

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I would like to know your opinions. Is it worth it for tier 1 content ? currently I'm using Ultra spinnable Articles from the leading articles and it's working very well. But the lack of some niches in it made me considering the switch to Article Builder. Your thoughts ?

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    I am trialling it and its very easy to get articles however it doesn't cover very many niches and I see this as a big drawback because I am seeing the biggest results from relevant content. That being said if your niches are catered for I think it's a good time saver. It's £197 through SENUKEX link if you don't have SENUKEX then do their trial and buy through the link in software. Will save you $100 :)

    I would urge you to read my thread titled "article builder" from last week where others left their opinions.
  • ronron
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    I quickly grabbed a 700 word article on credit cards.

    78% uniqueness via plagtracker.

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    112/482 indexed 
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    Yes I still use AB and am pleased with it. 


  • ronron

    The way AB is written is very high quality. Just remember that high readability = not unique enough. A ton of people hammer those articles, so you are better off with spins.

    I am letting my subscription lapse in a couple of months. That service is really not made for a product like SER. What it is made for is some type of autoblogging setup where you need endless content. I personally think the days for that business model is long gone. 

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    Thanks guys for your help.


    What is the uniqueness percentage you get with AB articles ?

    Can you please test a couple of Articles in this free site ?

    direct link here :
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    Thanks Mate. that was a great help. 78% is perfect imo though.
  • ronron

    Oh it's fine for a nice tier 1 property you build by hand. And they read great. But that's only if you care about your tier1. I don't care, and use KM spins, and my rankings are great.

    One of the problems/weaknesses I see with AB is that most people need spins, not articles. People need the spins for software.

    AB only has only 9 spun articles. Just 9. For nine different niches. That just doesn't help.

    Now if you want quality articles in your Tier 1, it only covers 12 niches, with about six subniches for each niche. For $297/yr. that's a lot of money.

    If you're in those exact niches autoblogging, then great. If not, it's a complete waste of money.


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    Of course we need spun articles, I totally agree. Currently , I 'm using ultra super spun articles from "the leading articles". Do you mean that AB can only produce 1 super spun Article in these 9 niches?


  • Depends on where do u want to use articles..I useit exclusively for its very easy to use with wizard..

    For SER..its not easy to topics are very limited..if u work on these specific niches might be worth it..

    Though 100s of people use these articles I have no problem indexing them
  • No guys, article builder will spin up to 20 articles together on any of the niches. You can repeat and paste together for 40 articles, 60 and so on all spun at sentence level. This is what I'm using now. T1 quality articles, spun.
  • Problem is I have to manually insert my keywords into spun articles. Takes half an hour per project.
  • Update: I have to manually insert keywords because my niche is not specifically catered for. If my niche was "jewelry" "debt" or any of the others I wouldn't have to do this. I think the most limiting thing about AB is also its strength - only a handful of niches (check on the sales page) but if your niche is included you're laughing.

    Also you can get it for $197 via senuke trial.
  • @seagul

    Thanks Seagul for the clarification! , can you test 1 or 2 articles from Realestate niche on this site and tell me about the results ?
    I just want to know How unique are the articles in this niche before I buy.
    Thanks for your help
  • @mamadou have PM'd you
  • ronron

    Well @seagul, you hit on exactly why I don't like articles in general, and using AB for SER.

    Because I don't want to spend a half hour inserting tokens into a spin. I want tokens automatically inserted in my spins. 

  • @seagul

    Thanks for your great help. I really appreciate it. Did you make any tests on indexation rates using these Articles though ?
  • @seagul

    I found a lifetime offer for AB with $577 . Do you recommend to take the lifetime offer or just go for the annual sub ?

    Are you still happy after using AB for 6 months ?
  • I am an AB user, and it's too much of a PITA trying to insert links/tokens into the spun articles, because you have to make sure that every spun variation is going to have your link. Best thing to do is take 20 non spun articles from AB, insert your links via one of your fav tools like content spiffer, and then spin them together.

  • What's wrong with ACW!?! The author is even present on these forums :)
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    Articles are not readable though and they sound funny. I tried ACW & KM before and I have WAC lifetime all of them are not good enough for tier1 IMO.
  • @mamadou I use ACW for tier1 without problem.  I know it's just co-incidence, but the only site of mine that wasn't impacted recently was the one that I didn't use ACW for tier 1 :D
  • I use ACW for niches that AB doesn't cover. Plus to add variety. AB articles read very well and hence will pass human moderation on Web 2.0. I also get better index rates. But it's expensive at $197.

    ACW is great at what it does though - churning out low quality articles that are highly keyword optimised
  • @davbel @seagul

    I understand what are you guys saying but my problem is I have only one big site I'm promoting. If one of my competitors report my site to Google I will be gone. So my tier1 must be good enough to pass human inspection in case it was done by one of Google staff.

    If I have lots of websites like you guys I will definitely use WAC or ACW. 
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    @mamadou there are billions of websites. Literally, maybe even trillions. WHat makes you think Google are going to manually verify your site's links? They get probably 10m reports a day. Think about it, it's a game of numbers. Who is to say you created those spun articles pointing at your site, and not a competitor? Who is to say you are not completely sh*t at English and that is how you write naturally?

    If you're worried why don't you write stuff manually, put a LOAD of links to that. Then spin the rest.
  • I recently bought article builder and the best spinner from here. does the both of these software can be attachable with GSA search engine ranker? As i'm interested into buy this as well.
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