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Private Proxy Testing

When I test my private proxies in GSA the first time it would say 4 out of 20 of my proxies arent working.  So I only test those 4 and they are working!  If I test them all 16 out of 20 are said to be working which isnt true. 

When I run GSA will it only use those 16 proxies even though all of them are working?  

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    I am having a few problems with the proxy tester too in SER.

    I will run the test on my private proxies and it will say x number not working.  I will test another few times (straight away) and each time it will say different proxies are working than the last test.  I am just ignoring it but it seems like something strange is going on.  A bug possibly?

    just for info my test string is:

    string: id="shSignOutLink"


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