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Split GSA runs

edited April 2013 in Need Help

I see a lot of "stability" issues around GSA on high number of threads. is it good idea to split GSA runs so you ahve more virtual machines on one real machine running GSA separately with more threads to improve stability?

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    It would help to know what you consider a "high number". I run with 250-300 threads with no problems whatsoever.


  • DavidA2 - 300 threat? On home connection or some dedi?
  • I run SER on my home PC - AMD quad-core, Vista, 8GB RAM, 24Mbps internet connection.
  • David, I imagine you didn't try higher numbers. What is caping you then ? CPU? Connection? Proxies ? - at your current stage..
  • No, I have not tried more threads. I have been busy with some other stuff this week. But I am running some tests of older releases vs current releases, so, I can't change too many variables at one time.

    Plus, I already get a few "notices" from my cable provider that I may have an PC that is "infected with a bot" :-))...little do they know!!! So, I don't want them to start throttling my service.
  • Hah, that's so sweet from them ! :D
  • I use 180 threads on two installs. In home, no notices yet. 40 shared proxies.
  • I currently run 1 instance at 800 threads. Ideally, i'd like to use virtual machines, running 2 instances, but have had real issues with the performance of GSA SER within a VM. Even when just running 1 VM it runs very very slowly.
  • Yep, all write threads, but where are compute specs?!!!
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