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Second tier and url managment

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I have a question (i am only using global lists):
1. I want run project as 1 tier for my money site using PR 3 filter, then i want to start second tier without any PR filter. The question is: In SECOND tier GSA will be using as backlinks urls which was already in use in FIRST tier? (sory for my bad EN)

I dont want situation when Money site is linked from the same site as FIRST tier (triangles are bad).

Money site <-- 1 tier backlinks:,,  <---- 2 tier backlinks:,, etc.

@up this is triangle.

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  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Tier2 will not use URLs from Tier1 to post to Tier1 but it can happen from Tier 3 to Tier1 as Tier3 does not know anything about Tier1 and I think it's also not really an issue if it does. Avoiding this is possible but would take a lot extra CPU as it has to check many projects.Im not sure if thats really worth it.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited September 2012
    GSA will build links to the verified links of your first tier.

    So lets say you have your money site. Then your 1st tier are web 2.0's. Then your 2nd tier are social bookmarks.

    The web 2.0's (1st tier) will link to your money site and the social bookmarks (2nd tier)  will link to your web 2.0's (1st tier).

    Does that answer the question or am I understanding it wrong?

  • edited September 2012
    Thx Santos. Unfortunetly it not my issue. I understand how Tier works. My question was about this (picture):

    Is it possible? One url is backling to MONEY SITE and TIER II.
  • Unless you set different target platforms for the tiers as s4ntos suggests, you could encounter the 'triangles' you dont want unfortunately.

    However avoiding that would just involve tier projects inheriting their parents targets.done file, so it may be an update Sven would consider.
  • edited September 2012
    This should be done - triangles are BIG footprints for Google algo. GSA should be able to avoid it. If its possible there shuold be option: "do not post on url from previos Tiers". Its really important.

    I know we can split lists manually or just select different engines for tiers but it unnecessary encumbrance.
  • Thats ok, if links on tier 1 and tier 2 are splitted thats fine for me. Tier 3 is for other softs :)
  • edited September 2012
    Sven you really need to document your software better! i keep suggesting things you have already done...
    EDIT or maybe i just need to keep abreast of changes better, i am yet to use this in the automated fashion it is designed for.
  • Love GSA.... Been using it for a while and definitely seeing results.

    Just wanted to see if I'm making this mistake and if I run the risk of unnatural links.  Right now I have:

    tier 1 (project
    1) = comments, social bookmarks, docs, and video. 
    Tier 1 (project 2) = Web 2.0, articles
    Tier 2 = Everything basically pointed at project 2 (without indexer pingbacks, trackbacks)
    Tier 3 = Everything at Tier 2.

    Since Tier 2 points only at 1 project with web 2.0 would that make the triangle footprint?  Seems unnatural to have tier 2 pointed at social bookmarks.

    Should I just have tier 2 point at both?
  • @Sven: "Tier2 will not use URLs from Tier1 to post to Tier1..."
    Does that also work if global site lists are used and if target sites are directly imported to the project?

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