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Drupal engine update

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anyone need a much better durpal engine?  like JAMESE do the web20 update, i just want to know how many gsa user want this update?  it is know drupal very complex.  if you like please post here.  how many money you like to pay for this update because of it need decent work?


  • Yes, definitely - money is no issue :)
  • +1000
  • SvenSven
    Seriously, why always money? You don't even know what the drupal engine can do now and already decide to make it better? Sure, many people argue about it but until now I haven't seen any serious debug messages that would come up with an explanation. Also this is still a GSA forum and I don'T like others making money least not before asking. 
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    ^^^^^^ +1 ... Drupal engine aside... (I think it does a good job still) I think Sven should implement a Buy, Sell, Trade section like many other IM forums do for a fixed price... By doing this it gives people who can engine an incentive to create new and improved engines and the end user benefits from being able to get new backlinks... lets give Sven credit for still continuing to improve things.
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    i can offer free update too but for frequently update money is a must for support. time is money isn't it. calm down please sven. we all thank to your ongoing update. i should ask you b4 post here.
  • far be it for me to purpose somthing. but I certainly understand svens views and agree with them.

    SER is a LOT of work maintaining I'm sure. And we cant expect Sven to perfect all the engines all the time theres a change.

    If I was sven, I would deligate a bit and pay them a kickback.

    Example Awint to maintain web 2.0 engines only.
    Someone else to maintain social bookmarks etc...

    These people perfecting each engine, footprints etc...

    Have agreement between sven and them for a £ retainer.

    All moneys to goto Sven and he pays them the agreed rate.

    This way, everyone who pays for SER gets the updates, which is only fair. Be that monthly payment to Sven or a one off payment, however he likes.

    I dont like the idea of paying others directly without Sven getting a slice of it as he created the software/community/targeted market.

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    +1 to Zeusy points.

    If we can figure out away to extend the maintenence of templates to the community that would be a huge boost. We can get more platforms. We can get better success rates.

    My concern though is wit quality of the templates, I don't want see a bunch of ppl providing solutions for Drupal and then I have to figure out who's got the best templates or I end up paying for a few different ones that is a pain. I guess if GSA goes this route they should do the following 

    1. Vet developers of templates, don't think anyone should be able to offer a template, they should know what they are doing or it is a waste of my time.

    2. make a rating system, 

    3. Keep these templates separate from 'Core' GSA and get STATS on these community provided templates. If I am paying for this, especially a monthly I better be able to tell how well they work. I would like to see the STATS feature extended for custom templates.

    4) As for payments that is between GSA and template providers. But Zeusy's proposal is reasonable and a good way to weed out lower quality template providers. 

    As a note I think this would be great for WEB 2.0 parts, I haven't checked them in a while but only a few seemed to work.
  • SvenSven
    Too be honest I was hoping that people would find it interesting to code and share there engines ... and that for free. I hope this comes true once the editor is done.
  • I hear ya m8ty...Im old skool when the community worked together..and people helped one another.  however in the online scene now, especially in the seo world that we are, everyone in it for the money.

    Seems crazy if we all doing same engines ourselves, basically its duplicating workload and inevetibly some will mess it up and blame SER for there errors in engines files. giving you more of headache that you already have tring to educate us:)

    If people wont give there time for free to this community, then I'll be the first to put money into a pot, which would be used to pay those that complete the perfect web 2.0 engine files.  As long as Sven also gets those files to give with his SER software for FREE.

    Another thing regards the engines Sven ...have you considered a way of editing the engine files without them being overwritten during upgrading??  Perhaps a custom code section in the file, which doesn't be overwritten when updating?  would be helpful imho. Otherwise we're having to compare the updated engine files to see what changes u have made...pain.

  • edited March 2013
    You can just rename custom coded files and assign category listing within the file.
  • @Awint
    Mayby just send to Sven your solution for drupal engine?
  • make this forum private and maybe people will share ;)

    anyways i'm just waiting for the platform trainer, will share anything i can code...
  • That was another option,make vip section, where people who purchased share etc..
  • once this forum gets to be kinda paid marketplace you'll see all these fake review hype pushers coming in ala senuke forum. How theyre pushing and building up their sales hype in some harmless starting thread is disgusting
  • ^ that's a good point too
  • I think GSA itself is a big source of earning as we can get sites ranked by using it, think within days and not waiting for months ;)

    Some items from my collection for improved drupal engine, use it in Step 2, find url:

    find url=[already written rules] !add/agenda !add/poll !add/offer !add/order !add/album !add/gallery

    Its only for those who are playing with Engine files :)
  • ^ does the ! replace the | or is that meaning don't find those URLS
  • edited March 2013
    I think mean do not find those urls.  but it confuse me too. where is | ?
  • Don't find URLs, actually in drupal there are blogs with many options which actually do not create any blog entry so it would be better if we restrict those urls not to be included.
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    "Too be honest I was hoping that people would find it interesting to code and share there engines ... and that for free. I hope this comes true once the editor is done."

    Is this the platform editor trainer? that makes it easier to code engines? like drag and drop easy no coding? then i would make engines and share them for free on this forum just to say thank you!

    if this platform editor trainer thing made then i would be able to create web 2.0s with subdomains and like the alwababa gsa search engine created blogs that i have noticed have gotten indexed and ranking on pages 5 on a high competition keyword then muahahaaaaaa

  • anyone please offer me the list so i can start it. both comment and post needed right?  all list must can post/comment.
  • With weeks effort for testing one guy list of 774 drupal site that post successfully before by some spammer , but forget who is him :-/ I finally got 13% success.  with gsa origin engine file, i got 3% post successfully. can up to 15% with more effort.

    anyone send me more list to test it. you will get free drupal update. thanks.

  • What data you use? If it's crawl Drupal from hrefer , SER success rate is certainly less than 5%, of course, I just use PR> 2. But if I export datas from SER successful sites(successful  published at two week ago) .
    and then re-registered with the SER and published, I can make a success rate of over 40%.

    a lot of drupal sites, you are not allowed to register or publish.
  • 40% adding another time the successfull sites that you have in gsa? When before only 5%? How is this possible?

    Can you explain us Stone1989715?

  • drupal updating is done.  I need a few of more tester.

    If you have enough time and experience recently to test and report with me detail report. please pm me.
  • edited May 2013
    Hit me up, I'm always down for testing.
  • Great news from awint. I am join in your beta test.I have pm to you
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