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Version 5.33

edited March 2013 in Bugs
I try to stop .... But still running since 15 minutes....

I can't stop gsa..........I'am using the cheduler with active threads.

I just close gsa and start again & stop, its working !!!


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    I can't get it to run at all, as soon as I click "Start" it crashes within seconds. I get the error "Windows Is Trying To Find The Solution" (not verbatim but close).

    Anyways, I have no clue what to do or change. I've restarted my computer, checked for windows updates, turned off all other applications and have no idea what to do. I've never had an issue with GSA before and I've had it running 24/7 for the past 5 months.
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    Thats pretty odd because my copy of 5.33 is working fine as well
  • edited March 2013 Accepted Answer
    Can anyone else please confirm if 5.34 has resolved issues for them also?
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    My GSA ver 5.34 starts to freeeze...
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    @Elias - Cheers.

    @squirrelhunter - Thanks for the upload.  But will swapping out the main .exe actually fix the problem?
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    @squirrelhunter -cheers mate, I have had major issues since around 5.25 so will swap the .exe file with 5.25 and advise if this fixes my issues


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