How fast are you ranking?

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What's up guys, 

I been running SER for about 5 days in my VPS throwing pretty decent amount of links to at 4 websites and 1 youtube video.
Two projects have a manual built set of 10 web 2.0 properties as buffer sites, and the 2 tiers sending juice to these. 
Other two projects have a fully automated 3 tier set up (setting up only a few links (around 10-20) in the first tier. 
And the youtube video only has 1 tier with about 100 links per day. 
I have around 50,000 submitted links, and 5k verifieds in total. 

The thing is.. Im not seeing any improvement in rankings, 3 of my sites don't even appear in the top 100 pages results yet. 
(these are new sites, indexed 1 week ago or so) the other site is already no. 1 but that site was older and already was no. 1 before GSA SER :)
youtube video isn't appearing as well...

So, I know it takes time, but how long do you think it will take to reach page 1? 
All my keywords are low competition (below 100k according to market samurai) and I'm using exact match domain and on page optimization. 

What has been your experience?



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    check which of your links are indexed using scrapebox or insypder backlink monitor.  i had the same problem initially throwing lots of links but i found most of them not getting indexed.

    build a tier 3 or even a tier 4 or use GSA indexer to index your tier 2s.  i find using a spreadsheet to track index rate, what changes i've made etc. really helped so that when u ARE ranking u can see the history of things that happened.

    refine and repeat.

    my experience u should see some improvement within a month (usually 2-3 weeks) for normal competition stuff otherwise u are probably missing a step somewhere.

  • 100K Low competition ? 10K is low comp
  • @squirrelhunter:  I've ranked #1 a 500k competition site, in 2-3 weeks, using only a few fiverr gigs in the past. 
    So I consider 100k low competition :)

    @sonic81:  Thanks a lot for your answer, I'll track verified links and use SEO indexer... do you use it in full mode?  It takes 10 mins or so to submit each link
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    From 13,100,000 results - it took me about a little over a week to get to 3rd position using only links to my main site, no tiers

    From 661,000 with another site it took a few days to claim the #1 spot, again only sending links to my main site, no tiers

    Both using simple blog templates and BRAND NEW sites

    10 or so anchors with generic text, using url as anchor and variations. No pr filters, 10 semi proxies, 6 google engines used, no more than 50 links, analyze and post to competitors backlinks.

    also using seo indexer and captcha breaker for maxmium linkage

    Kontent machine is used to generate 100% of the content with the best spinner for spinage.
  • @thebadmix ;
    exact Keyword search per month?
    50 links submissions per day? or verified?
    what platforms you used?
  • @thebadmix Interested to know your answers to rodol's questions  :)
  • ronron

    Yeah guys, # of results really doesn't matter. # of exact match local matters a lot more.

    But even with that information, you can't judge the competition until you really look at the top 10 results, and the links they have coming to that page that ranks.

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    44k searches per month on 1st site

    only about 300 per month on second (I expect this to increase substantially)

    No limit on links submitted, I meant the "if more than 50 links then skip" option

    All engines except trackback, pingback, index and refer

    I have another project running with tiers and whatnot, but its in the golf niche, and it seems like that's a hard cookie to crack :D
  • Thanks for the info @thebadmix will be interested to know how you go with the tier project - only from the point of view that this one will last longer (supposedly) 
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    you have no limits on submission and only getting 300 verified per month? did i understand that correctly?
    44k exact per month, Global or Local? forget to ask you this.

    with the more then 50 links you mean OBL.

    yah i aggree with you @ron you know a keyword is good after you analize top 10
  • @thebadmix Don't you think thats way too risky?  Google will sandbox your site in their next update, because you are doing 100% unnatural link building. I guess you'll get a good ranking for a few weeks then game over... 

    What do you guys think?
    Im doing much slower strategy and I'm not seeing ranking improvements (I'm the OP, you can read my strategy in the 1st post)... maybe I could try thebadmix strategy for a couple of forgotten sites I've.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @thebadmix - welcome to golf. ;-)
  • ooooooh it's on!  :-))
  • Still not seeing any improvments in rankings... damn
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