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Rotating Proxies


From what I have read, rotating proxies seem to better  than static proxies. If true,  with comparison to static proxies,  How many  do I need?


  • I also have  Follow up question concerning the number of threads  when using  static proxies. I have read wildly different numbers. I presently  have 20 private  proxies  set on 30 threads. Is tis accurate?
  • I personally would use rotating proxies for scraping only, they tend to be too unstable for posting purposes. The generally accepted ratio for threads per proxies used to be 10:1, I tend to use fewer threads than that.
  • if you run many project or posting on same site asap its good to have rotating proxy to avoid as spam or banned the ip.  i am using webshare  50 proxy rotate every 4 hour for $24.76 per month seems good for budget using it for gsa with 200-300 tread without problem. you may try . and thanks later  ;)
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