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High Quality Content..etc

Hi all,

I need some pro help. I run a paid list through GSA  along with ScrapeBox urls  I have  2 questions I pray can be answered. My paid list guy  guy  said this today "You must use high-quality content and data inside the project to get through this kind of engine." Now I have hand written 6 articles by hand --spun them. They all read really well. . When he says high quality data .. what does that mean?

Secondly,  I have a ton of URLs  stuck in   "account verification"  he stated may be a couple of weeks  before that are verified  as these  are low obl  and high DA/PA leads. However GSA only gives  24 hours   for verification before the boot.  Can I change that and how?


  • SvenSven
    You can change the verification timings in project options. Though 24h is usually enough to see if something get's verified and if not just forget about it. But you can change it there in options and e.g. turn from "automatic" to a custom set time.
    The most important thing about quality is:
    1. readablity which you say it has.
    2. duplicate content - make sure it's not duplicate of some other articles phrases. You can check that online on some sites like
  • Thanks Seven. I will leave it the way it is. I always checks my articles with copyscape to make sure there is no duplication
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