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How many  Tier 1 quality links  should I post a day to my money site? Presently I use a  list service  and I also  scrape  quality links  using scrape box.  I have hand written  all my articles  spun them- They all read  very well. I have  hand written everything. Just  looking for an answer on how many links  posting per day to  money site  for tier 1. Just trying to be safe


  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    As many as possible is the answer.

    If you set delays in how quickly you publish your T1 links and build your tiers, then you are delaying how quick you can rank. It's not necessary to do all this drip feeding and slowing down the link building in order to try stay safe with Google. It will take them 4 weeks to find your links anyway. This white hat approach will just delay your rankings.

    The quicker you put the links out, the quicker you will rank.

    In terms of being safe, you have nothing to worry about. I've done thousands of T1 links to money sites in a day and powered them with another 2 tiers. Nothing bad ever happens. They will only penalise you for poor on page seo, not link building too quickly.

    In fact if you are aggressive enough, you'll see your rankings dance around a lot, wihch is a very good thing.
  • sickseo said:
    As many as possible is the answer.

    Do you scrape your own sites (for  better relevancy) or you use site lists bought from vendors?
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    I scrape my own. You'll find a lot of sites that aren't on anyone elses list and I like to target certain platforms too once I find a bunch of them.

    You can't do that if you rely on paid lists. Plus the paid lists aren't very good anyway. I've tried them all atleast once, sometimes twice. They don't change much with new sites.
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