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Different Projects-Paid Lists

I use  a paid list  service  that feeds  leads into  Project A automatically.  I want to set up  Project B   using defined URLs I got using from  scrape box.  I duplicated project A  to  get project B.  If i want to use the leads from scrape box instead  of the leads from  the paid list service in project B , how would I do it? I tried  to change the location of the identified folder  in project B  but it also changed the location in project A?

When I imported  from a  file the Scrape Box URLS  to project B  that same file  also appeared in Project A  When I checked (show remaining URLS) the number URLS  not yet worked  that same scrapebox  list was also was also seen in  Project A. Thanks for help 


  • SvenSven
    If you change the location of the site list folder in global options, it would of course also apply for all the projects making use of site lists.
    The best option here would be if you import certain site lists or URLs directly to the project and disable site list usage in it.
  • Ok Thank you sir
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