Sorry but what's Active (P) ?

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Hello, sorry for the super newbie question: 

I'm seeing some of my projects with Active (P) status, which I don't know what it means.. is it paused waiting for the next day to do more submissions? 

Also I see some projects in light green and others in dark green.. it says Active.. what's the difference?.
Also some in light blue, and some in dark blue (i know dark blue is verifying).  

I think this should be in the Manual, as well as a much better explaination of each feature.. right now it's very poor. 


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    It means you have set the project to "Active", but have set limits as to when SER should pause the project. Those limits have been reached, so the project is "Paused"....therfore "Active(P)"
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    This confused me too and I've been using SER for a few weeks. Thanks for clearing this up. 

    I have noticed that if you hit Stop and then Start again, or if it crashes, it does make the previously paused projects Active again. Should it follow a set rule, for instance "pause the project after x submissions, x minutes", even if it was stopped and started?

  • ronron

    If you decide to make projects on Pause inactive, leave it that way until midnight. Then turn it back on. Otherwise you have overridden the settings.

  • Good to know. Thanks @ron!
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