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Sending in non Latin


I have almost empty messages on import. The problem is my csv file is created in utf-8 from google sheets. I try to convert it to ANSI but I get a warning that data can be lost. Whether I import the csv as utf- or converted to ANSI the result is like in the screenshots. you can see in the lower screenshot the content is gobbledygook. The upper screenshot shows that it imported the text as far as dear (in bulgarian) company name, but it gave up on the rest of the message body.


  • SvenSven
    the mouse over hint is indeed wrong and should show proper utf8 chars...thats something i can submission, it should however work fine.
  • Hi Sven. In submission the recipient was receiving only a message with Dear X and then the signature. The whole body was missing, just as it shows in the preview (top screenshot)
  • If you tell me what and how to export I can send you the files
  • SvenSven
    dont send me the project files, but the csv file you import
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