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Posting 'g-recaptcha-response' data to a different parameter

I'm looking at scripting a site that uses recaptcha, but wants the data for 'g-recaptcha-response' as a different parameter, in this case 'user[recaptcha]'

I've tried using:

...but SER just adds this line of data to the POST

Is there anything I can do here?


  • SvenSven
    user[recaptcha]=%recaptchav2% <<< this should work...even though it should also work for v3...i will also support %recaptcha% in next update.
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  • I've given that a go, now it seems to be sending the wrong site key to the captcha solver
    For some reason it's cutting the first two characters of the site key, which are 6L
  • Going back to user[recaptcha]=%captcha% I get the same result now too. I'm running v15.48
  • SvenSven
    ok i think the problem is in latest update...will have to fix that sorry.
  • SvenSven
    another option would be to use:
    recaptcha default varname=user[recaptcha]
  • Thanks for your efforts Sven but I'm not having any success. I've tried:

    recaptcha default varname=user[recaptcha] (in the [SETUP] section right?)

    ...but they're all posting an empty value for user[recaptcha] and adding the g-recaptcha-response field.

    The only partial success I've had is by adding some fixed data to the form eg.

    add fixed data=user[recaptcha]=%recaptcha% hardcoded-sitekey-here

    ...but this results in 2 different recaptchas being sent to the solver and both being added to the form post: 

  • SvenSven
    don't add it to SETUP but the section where this is used.
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  • The 'recaptcha default varname' option worked, thanks!
  • AliTabAliTab
    This topic saved me a lot of time :) Thank you @cherub

    would be nice to be added to the script manual @Sven please B)
    %recaptcha% and recaptcha default varname
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