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I am interesting to buy GSA Platform Identifier!

Hello @Sven @s4nt0s

I am intresting in buying GSA Platform Identifier. Since i own GSA Search engine ranker i belive it helps and it has more options like filteration.

I don't see often update. Is this still working ? I am more concern about SEO 3rd party intergration like domcomp

Thank you guys!

Stay safe!


  • This tool is designed to sort your own scraped link lists, if you don't want to use the internal sort tool included in GSA SER.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Maybe you're referring to domdetailer, not domcomp? There is no domcomp API integration. All the engine filtering and other functions should work fine. However, I just tested domdetailer and it looks like that API might need an update so we'll have to look into that to see if they made some changes since last update. 
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