How many urls per project?

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Hello guys! I have a question! For example if you website have 10 pages! Do you add them all on the same project or you create a project for the home page and then you link each page to the home page project? I dont know if it right cause your home page would be your money site right? Is it ok to create backlinks to your money site with SER?
Im a newly  :) I just bough a template from Soundseo but I think my projects are way better lol


  • SvenSven
    Depends on your SEO strategy. If your page is all about one niche, then it makes sense to only link the main page, else please use each sublink in a new project.
  • Like this? I didn't like it to the main page though cause Im afraid! Can I use the root domain with gsa? What settings would you recommend when it come to money site? I had it always on senuke (not trying to promote it here, its garbage)  and never got any warning from google but I cant much say how was the sitting there cause there no much options to control that! I only now my generics were at 80%
    Cuba for example is not the main page, its the main page in this trend and the rest are the subpages but can I add the money site and link Cuba to it for example? In reddit people doesn't recommend use the root domain with those programs but thats what people who only do white hat seo thinks mostly.

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    yes, looks good
  • Can I add my money site to the project or it's risky?
  • SvenSven
    I would always use buffers and at minimum URL Shorteners as first layer.
  • Now in basic English please  :p
  • SvenSven
    1. edit the project
    2. on the left you see the engines and it's categories to choose from
    3. there is a category called "URL Shorteners" and if you use them as very first tier with your money site as project URL, all it would create is redirects with urls like ->

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    Like this? I just need to click on it or I need to do something else inside project? I dont see anything new to add 

  • SvenSven
    Of course you should use the URL Shortener exclusively on the first tier and add all other tiers below that one. Now you have it configured with other engines in that same project.
  • So basically on the on the first tier ( thats my money site right?) I will leave only the URL Shortener and unclick all the others you see on the picture? and then link all the other subpages to the tier 1? For example let's say Cuba is the tier 1, Or I can leave it as it is on the picture before and then link the other pages? :/ 
  • SvenSven
    Your main project has the money site in project URLs and uses only URL Shorteners - thats it. Any next tier would be same as before.
    Though keep in mind that this is something I would do, it's my personal SEO strategy that doesn't need to work for you. It's after all just a personal view on SEO.
  • I want to do it like you do but I'm not understanding well :( 
    Let's assume I want to add my main url and all the orders tier with this project.  what should I clic here for this main only the Url shortener or more of the boxes? 

  • SvenSven
    only URL Shorteners please.
  • ah got it! and then when you link the others those urls will link also the the tier 1 project?
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  • great! thank a lot! Question Should I put from 4-6 the DR cause I got already an spamy URL Shorteners and now I cant remove it!
  • SvenSven
    whats a spammy url shortener?
  • A url with a high percent of getting a penalty by google
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