Do you think this would work?

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Hello, I'm about to start many campaigns in GSA. 

I'm thinking in the following strategy, what do you think?

Step1) Create 10 manual 2.0 properties in major platforms (wordpress, squidoo, tumblr, etc) with a 500+ words unique article with a 3 links:  1) money site main, 2) money site post,  3) google or wikipedia. 

Step3) Run a project of 1000 PR0+ links per day to web 2.0 properties (that's about 100 links per property per day) (all kind of links)

Step 4)  Run a project for 20 PR3+ links per day directly to  money site and pages. (article and web 2.0 only)

Keep doing that forever for each site. 



  • scpscp
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    What happens in step 2? Secret Sauce   :D

    My Step 1 is very similar, except I include popular article directories and few other types of links

    For Step 3 (Tier 2) - I would do the following types of links:
    - Article
    - Blog Comments
    - Directory
    -Image Comment
    - Social bookmarking
    - Social Network
    - Web 2.0

    However, test it out and see what works best. This is really just a "test it" and see. Every site and niche is different based on competition. I found the above link types the best for Tier 2.
  • Lol, that was a typo.. step 3 was step 2, lol.

    Ok, so do you include article directories in tier 1 (direct to money site)?
    how many?  I just want to be in the safe side :)

    And about tier2... how many you do per day to your 2.0 manual properties?

    Do you do tier3/tier4 ?

    Thanks a lot
  • I just manually post articles to sites for a clean Tier 1. I choose the 10 most popular, ezine, goarticles, etc. 

    I have done a few campaigns with SER for tier 1, but I'm not ready to let go just yet. I still like having control over my Tier 1 anchors. 

    I've found that manually building tier 1s to 5 - 8 web 2.0s, 10 article posts and hitting the popular social media sites have been enough. Also, social signals from popular social media. From there it's all SER. I run it all wide open for a week, no submission limits. Verify every 3 days.

    This is working for me, I'm seeing good SERP movement.
  • Yeah, I do a Tier 3 as well but 10 days after Tier 2 finishes. Take a look at

    He walks you thru the process he uses to build Tier 2 and Tier 3.
  • Hey scp, thanks a lot man!  I'll check the video.

    Do you mean 10 article posts per manual property? (50-80 articles total??)

    I've done good keyword research and competition for all my sites are 50,000 max.  I guess I'll be able to rank them using this method. 
  • 10 article posts pointing back to your money site. So the Tier 1 is 5-8 web 2.0 and 10 article posts back to the money site. Plus social signals, a video social bookmarking and you're off to the races.
  • thanks man... 
    Still tweaking my sites before starting all the SEO. 
    So excited to fill my lists with hundreds of targeted potential buyers ($_$)
  • I think it will ok if you target the low competition keywords

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