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What are the limits to what GSA engines and SEREngines can do?

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Hi @Sven, @James, and @s4nt0s. :):):)

Hope you guys are having as nice a day as it is here. Very sunny, not too hot. :)

Anyway, wondering what are the capabilities of the engines? I have to admit I need to look it all over again, but my question relates to making highest-quality article and social accounts.

As I understood, it SHOULD be possible to create an account, add an account photo, add profile data, etc., as well as post in the correct category.

Any possiblity of UPLOADING images with the new engine or old?

Is there an example of a regular (NOT SEREngines) engine you can suggest I look at to quickly see how it's done?



  • SvenSven
    The present in-build scripting language can do almost everything you want to do. It just gets complicated with sites using javascript heavily. Because everything that a javascript code calculates and required for the submission data (e.g. hashes, json data...) must be done by hand in the script code.
    The new engine uses a browser in background that will do this natively. You still give instructions like "press button xyz" but in the background the javascript will be executed for you.
    There are some disadvantages though:
    - your PC is getting vulnerable by infected websites
    - it's all getting very slow as a new browser instance has to be started for each submission

    So if possible, you should stick with the old in-build scripting.
  • JamesJames
    edited May 2020

    Following on with @Sven's reply.

    Its always better to go completely socket based (GSA SER in-built scripting) it is much faster and less resource intensive. If you can, use that first over a browser based solution like SEREngines.

    For sites that have too much javascript to be able to REGISTER, LOGIN, STEP (GSA SER scripting categories), you need a browser based solution and have to live with the downside of using more ram and cpu as a normal browser does.

    GSA SER + SEREngines do offer a hybrid style solution where you can use GSA SER's brilliant socket based scripting for certain steps like LOGIN & STEP while leaving the more javascript based stuff for REGISTER if the site will allow. 

    It is true that visiting bad websites on any browser can make things vulnerable, that is why choosing a reputable site to script is important (like wordpress, tumblr etc). The search engines do a good effort at detecting vulnerable websites, so why would you want a backlink on such as site?

    To answer one of your other questions, I have uploaded images in both GSA SER's built in scripting and SEREngines. I do that mainly for profile images.
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