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Capmonster error?


I'm testing CapMonster and I keep getting this error: missing data for Next-URL

What is causing this?


  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    P.S. Also there seems to be no way to set Host/Port to inside CapMonster as instructed in your directions.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited May 25
    You can set the Port and IP in Settings >> Program in CapMonster.

    You can also change the host on SER by clicking on Edit once you select CapMonster in the CAPTCHA module in SER.

    I am unsure about how this might work for GSA Website Contact, tho!
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    There is no option in CapMonster setting to set this particular Host/Post:
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    I hope Sven replies to this soon.
  • SvenSven
    So CapMonster is not running on On what interface is it running then? You can of course use anything else as just a suggestion.
    Maybe post some screenshots.
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    This is all that I see in the CapMonster interface:

    Also, every time I try to submit with CapMonster, GSA keeps returning this error message for the submission status:
    "Captcha Error: missing data for Next-URL (200|593430|1539|0|0|unknown)
  • Have you disabled all emulation of services in Capmonster?
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    Everything seems to be working now after I changed the Host/Post: As far as the emulation services, they're all checked by default so didn't change anything there.
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    So is this right or do I need to change something else? Please confirm ASAP.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Does it work? Are you having issues with other stuff listening on that IP/port?

    If all seems well,it probably is. is not the default on any of this software, so if you didn't change it, it's probably OK. But maybe you run something else? Just turn on your other programs you might run at the same time and see if all work together. If they do, it sounds like you're OK.
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