What all these rumers about this application.

Everywhere I go, I seem to get many saying auto-indexing with index ranker does not work and it completes dead from December / January from google new update.

apparently many of you no this and gave up.

I want no the truth, I always fort with a good list there no problems getting traffic or getting links indexed.

I want opioions, please 


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    You are asking for what software here anyway? GSA SEO Indexer (which is about indexing) or GSA Search Engine Ranker (which is about link building).

    But then again, both tools work. I have to admit that SEO Indexer is not as powerful as it was back than but it sill improves your indexing results.

    GSA Search Engine Ranker works as well. It all depends on your SEO strategy and the setup.

    Everyone saying something different is probably not knowing SEO very well after all.
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    Thank you very much i fort that aswell so it all a myth .
    was "" search engine ranker "" .

    I currently use scrapebox to get the aa links to use in gsa engine ranker , is it possable get same results as scrapebox doing it with gsa on it own..

    another one .
    with rankerx they make accounts and post to the web 2.0 , if i make the web 2.0 accounts can i get gsa to post to them for me .

    thank you so much replying.
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Accepted Answer
    you can use scrapebox to get targets and import them to SER.
    you can import rankerx sites as verified to a dummy main project. I think we had this topic several times here. Please use the search function and also check this:
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