Scrapebox problem

Does anyone have the same problems as me when trying to scrape Google with Scrapebox? I am scraping for "kw1" "kw2", no inurl or intitle.

Doesn't work even with 1 Thread and 120s timeout. I get only one result per page, which is " blabla"

When I am trying to test Google engine in Scrapebox, I get this:



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    update: looks like a Scrapebox issue
  • Not sure it's proxies. Testing works with Bing and Yahoo, not with Google.
  • Try without proxies, just for one keyword and see for yourself
  • No proxies, only VPN.

  • "only VPN" -- If you mean "only VPS", your IP is flagged, too. Google doesn't allow you to work via that IP. Maybe you used proxies that leak?
    If you really meant VPN, than that's a proxy.
  • nice spam!

    Anyway, I talked to Scrapebox, it was indeed an update to Google html code. I had to update my engines config and now it works.
  • looplineloopline
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    Just go to settings >> harvester engine configuration >>import >> download default engines

    Done, fixed.
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