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Do any SEO Metrics Sites Adjust For Indexed/Nonindexed backlinks in their formula?

Indexed or nonindexed have to make a difference and weigh them differently than  non-indexed backlinks?

Does Majestic account for the difference?



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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited November 2019
    Interesting article.  I did not know each service had such drastically different data sets.

    I've just been using Majestic for their Trust Flow....

    The Citation Flow, I've found...not computationally, but just by casual observation, that the metric is skewed somewhat heavily toward the middle. That seems to make it a little less useful.

    SEMRush I find most useful for the SERPtracking.

    And MOZ domain authority is somewhat akin to Majestic CF, no?

    Matthew did not use the MOZ metric in his comparison....

    It seems the MOZ DA is kind of like Majestic CF....but more useful...

    I have to check out AHREFs...

    Thanks for the link, Sven! :)
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