Can Anyone Suggest a GOOD Website Chat App?

Good day, GSA friends!~ :)

I'm looking to integrate a chat app into a web site.

The platform is custom, so something that neatly works with an out-of-box CMS system like WordPress would actually be more of a pain to integrate.

Looking for basic functionality. And, I guess, free? lol

I see these a lot lately, and they seem useful (for some web sites).

Thanks, kindly, and have a great rest-of-your-week!


  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    you mean like live chat or chat room? as there is many paid and free services that provide it, we can name some for you as soon as we know exactly which one you want
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    "you mean like live chat or chat room?" -solidseovps

    Thanks for the reply.

    I mean, like, the little live chat pop-up window some web sites feature so that users can talk with a live person and ask questions about products, etc, rather than just contact via form or e-mail or phone.

    Here are a couple of examples i found just now:

    htt ps://ng anic. com/
    htt ps://bloom exusa. com/

    I would need this to work with any custom platform or web site. I've found add-ons for wordpress are more of a pain to import outside of wordpress & other plug-n-play CMSes.


    (I appreciate your help. Since you're familiar with this stuff, I might also want to install a chat room add-on, specifically for WordPress, for users to chat, as well, for a different site. Not quite the same thing, but just thought I'd ask, since you seem to know this well.)

    For now, just looking for free (or donation) apps for either.

    Thanks, again. :)
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
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    The most popular we have seen is, there is also Freshchat, Crisp chat and frontapp

    We prefer honestly, its free with an option to unbranded with monthly fees, however still you can use it free with their branding

    It also support many platform and can be easily integrated with everything you come across
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    Thanks, kindly, for your help. I do appreciate it, solidseovps. :)

    I've been thinking about this over the last week, and wonder if it's even a great idea to implement such a chat...


    Because if it's a choice between phoning and sending a Q via a chat app, I think that talking with a live person who has an interest in helping the potential customer may be best.

    And, if there's a chat app, it may actually end up keeping some people from ever making a call.

    There's the flip-side in that there are some who might have NEVER called (or e-mailed), and once get the info they're seeking via chat, might THEN call or just order online without calling. :|


    I guess some might say that more options for the user to contact about products and services is best, but I don't really know, one way or the other. Any insights? Thanks...
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Thanks, WowanGillespie. I'll look into this! :)
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