What changes Trust Flow abruptly?

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Greetz pplz! :)

Wondering how this happens. I have a site that went from Majestic TF 18 to 0 in one day.

Could hosting banned news content (i.e. "fake news") on  the web site be of issue?

I just removed some offensive news stories that have been on there from around that time.

I hate when feed owners try injecting politics into feeds focusing on other subjects they have good articles on. >_< >_< >_< >_<

This feed is done via Simple Pie, and a WP (free version, not paid) popular feed manager.

I had an older RSS feed add-on for WP I made a KW filter for. So today I made one for this and hopefully it works. Testing now. (I modified Simple Pie NOT the add-on I have running, so no licensing issues)

Could the TF thing have been the extreme politics RSS-fed headlines?? Very curious.


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    At present, if the filter works, there is one issue:

    I'm unsure whether the article title is added to the DB (of already parsed, and posted items) before or after the filter I put in.

    This matters b/c I simply break on a bad KW.

    So if it doesn't save the title first it will basically kill that feed as it keeps trying to pull in the next feed item...it gets the bad word...breaks...never notes this happened...starts over...runs the course again,,,infinitely..

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    Site lost a very weighty link :*<

    STILL removing off-topic junk news
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    Looks like the site that linked out to my site (and had done so from well before I purchased and re-did the site)  just updated their page (TF 45!) while I was re-doing my site a few weeks ago. :|

    :( :( :( :(

    I like the improvements to my site. Less dooky and gross, but still not quite there.

    Just lame that I lost probly the best single link I had while I worked on this. :( :'(

    oh well.... :|

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