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Which Email Verification Software Should I Buy For GSA SER?

I need to purchase an email verification software which can solve my issue with the emails verification things. Please recomend me any one software so that i can purchase it and i do not have to create emails manually. Please send me the link of GSA Email verifier software so that i can buy it.


  • SvenSven
    we no longer sell this software
  • Do you mean you do not sell this software -->
  • Guys, i found this link on the internet

    Should i purchase this product or should i purchase from this url

    Which one is the best for me to start the campaign?
  • i tried to purchase from this link and i found that i am not able to purchase it, i got it now that you are no longer selling the software any more.

    is there any one time cost software i can purchase which can create emails and verify it on autopilot for GSA SER?
  • For example:- I do not want to pay monthly fee, I can pay one time fee for any product which can create emails on autopilot and verify emails on autopilot. SERemails and emails from this link

    are for monthly packages, I need to find a software which can do all + it is one time investment.
  • SvenSven
    As written in my email to you before, that software is not suitable for verifying accounts sent to an email inbox. It is for checking if a found email exists or not. So this software is not for you and yes, we are no longer selling it (check here).

    I also thought you where using some accounts from ? You can of course go with some of the email packs or even better the catch-all accounts.
  • 1. Brother, yes you did told me to use and but as i said above many times, that i do not want to create those emails manually as it is waste of my time, I need a software which can automate the process of creating email accounts for me.

    2. Brother, you always tell me what i already know, but you do not tell me what i do not know. I need to know if there is any software you know which can help me for this auto pop3 emails creation, Please just name the software if you know. If you do not know any software then do tell me that you do not know. So that i can move forward and try something else.

    3. Brother, I am going to ask my question once again very clearly, Please try to understand my question and just tell me in simple language, as i do not understand anything when you send the form link like this

    I always need basic answers, not complicated once.

    My question is that as i told you above that i have VPS server. Where i have hosting nearly 100+ websites. I have the functionality to create unlimited emails/webmails in my VPS server. Can i create catchall emails in my VPS serer and add those emails to GSA SER. Please answer in simple way which i can understand. Just spend 2 seconds, and think that i am a beginner to your software and my questions are really basic questions always. All i need is your patience and support for those very basic questions to be answered, as my questions answers are not in the documentation you have created for everyone.

  • 4. I want to show you something. I started the campaign this morning and till now it has done only 2 submittions and both are vaiting for verification or something. Here is the screenshot -->
    More info about the 4th point --> GSA SER is auto deleting previously submitted links which were pending for verificaiton. and start creating new ones very slowly and after some hours, those submited urls auto gets deleted. This is hapening from last 2 days.

    5. Should i add more emails in the email verification section or just 3 emails are inaf? Should i add nearly 50 emails or just 3 emails can do the job?
  • This is to provide more inforamtion about the 4th point above.
    Here you can see what i mean -->
    In the screenshot you can see that the submitions are gone to 0 again. Is this any issue? If yes, then how to get this issue soved. My internet is stable today and working fine. Yesterday, the internet connection was not good because these days a lot of people watch 20-20 live cricket on their phone. That is why the internet is not good these days, when the cricket match is live.

    But anyways, i know that today is satureday and tomorrow is sunday, and you also have a life, kids and Gf. When ever you are back at work, you can reply to me brother.

    I tried to provide all the information i could in detailed. So that you can understand the issue, as you are the expert of your software.

    One more thing, once i will understand everything and get all the issue solved, i will be creating a video on YouTube, and show and teach about your software so that all the people who purchase your software their basic questions are answered in my videos.
  • This is to update the point number 3 above.
    Brother, here you can see the screenshot -->
    I created a new email in my VPS server/Webmail. and added it to GSA SER but it is giving me error. If i can add webmail/cPanel emails into GSA SER then do let me know what am i doing wrong?
  • Update:- I purchased 50 root email ids and sucessfully added them in GSA SER.
    After i added it, i can see this error -->

    I aborded this error and then i can see this --> and

    I am getting issue with the recaptcha aswell -->
  • SvenSven
    Now you spam the forum? Usually it's like this: you write one thread and wait for an answer. You are again (as with emails) sending many new threads and instantly cut the chance that someone reads through all that.

    You tell me Im not listening, so what are you doing? You are asking the same things again and again despite I have answered them before.

    Why you would need more email accounts? You can use the same email for more than one project. But as I told you, you should consider using a catch-all-account (yes I told you before).

    However, can create even email accounts for you with the help of custom engines. Maybe you should test that.
  • edited May 2019
    I do not understand you at all, When i have already told you that i have already purchased 50 root email ids, then now why are you asking me to try (Please read my replies)

    I am not spamming at all, as you always think. I had been providing all the information you may need to get the issue solved. But looks like you again is getting angry and not reading my messages.

    I do not write one thread and wait for your reply. I update everything so that you can understand the issue and provide me the solution. Which you are not providing. As you know that i have already purchased 50 emails but still the campaign is not working at all.

    I do not send all the messages at once, if you can check the time from your end, you will see that whole day, i spent on your software and when ever i was getting issues/errors, i was updating you so that when ever you come back to work at Monday, you have all the information from my end. In other words, i sent you all the messages after 1 or 2 hours gap, i did not send all the information at once. I wasted whole day of mine to get the issue solved by my self and you can not read the messages i sent you to update you? Please do respect my time as well.

    I created nearly 3-4 different forms, so that you do not get confused. You always tell the same thing again and again, which i do not understand and those answers you are providing are not helping me at all. Because, i already know those answers, but you do not understand my question at all.

    I have purchased 50 emails, now still the campaign is not working and i am getting the errors. Do you want me to purchase emails from

    As you are asking me to do that and you are asking me to create catchall emails from my VPS server, do you know what, you do not read my questions, if you could have then you could have already know that i had tried it before you told me to create emails in the VPS, and your software was still not working after i created catchall emails in my VPS, i had already sent you screenshots of it. But you get angry always and looks like you are not reading my messages properly.

    Please stop telling me what ever you tell me, just read my messages once and you will understand clearly that you never answer my question and you always tell me something which i have already done, and got issue..

    I can not waste more time of mine to get this software working. This is very frustrating experience with you. You have no idea how nice person am i, but you are making me crazy with your replies... I can not wait any more.

    Please read my messages above properly, and check all the screenshots properly, only then you can understand that i have already done everything you are asking me to do, but the campaign is still giving me errors.

    Please do not tell me what i already know, please solve the issue i am facing. For more info please check this form/ticket --> "Campaign is not starting, Getting Errors In Logs." as in this ticket/form i have provided the detailed information about all the errors i am getting.

    Now, please do not tell me that i am spamming, i am trying to provide you the information so that the issue can be solved, i can not wait for years to get my first campaign started.
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    dude seriously...are you a troll?

    no one behaves likes this on a forum. How old are you? 5?

    Grow up and stop spamming this forum. Now you are starting to annoy me.
  • edited May 2019
    I am 31 years old man, i paid for something which was not working, and at that time i had nearly 11 websites to complete as i run a company here in my state where i rank 1 for multipal keywords and ranking 1 on all the cities in my state from last 4 years.

    Stop trying to be a GOD and tell others stupid indirectly.

    If someone has purchased something which is not working normally, then what do you want them to do, do you want them to sit on their ass, and keep waiting for a year? or should  they update the support guy about these issues they were facing?

    By the way, i was not waiting for any reply for this ticket. As for me this ticket is closed. There is only one ticket open which is "Campaign is not getting started". All other tickets are not active for me and i do not want any reply on those tickets as those tickets are nearly two weeks old.

    The guy created this form, have not created a button where we can click and say, this ticket is closed and we do not need any reply from anyone. Thus this ticket is still showing active to you.

    Spam is something which is out of topic, Read my replis, do you think i am out of topic? Stop telling me wrong, I have spent money for something which is not working and making me to waste my time, here on this form and FAQ page of GSA SER.

    I respect you as you tried to help me ealier, but if you talk nasty and try to tell me a spammer or stupid, i will have to reply to you, and for your kind inforamtion, i do not like to waste my time by writing. It is you guys who think others stupid and do not provide the exact solution to the problem. Which makes someone like me to write more and fix your misunderstandings and stop being rude to someone who said nothing to you. This is my created ticket, and i paid for the software. i never annoy you, you have started misbehaving like a 4 year kid.
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    You need to understand forum etiquette. You ask a question and wait for a response.

    No one puts multiple posts up like you did. Only a bot behaves like that.
  • No need to teach me or educate me, i paid for something which is not working from last one month and you are asking me that i act like a bot. Stop being a bot your self.

    I do not need any reply on this ticket, as this ticket is already closed for me, 2 weeks ago, when i purchased verified emails.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
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  • This ticket is closed, please no one reply to this ticket.
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