What are you using to solve Recapchas?

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Guys: I was using decaptcher to solve recaptchas but I just realized it cost 6$ to solve 1k with GSA which is outrageous.

What choice are you using for recapchas? I would like a reliable service at the best price.



  • Most ppl use either Captcha Sniper or GSA's Captcha Breaker.  I use CS with Deathbycaptcha as a back up for high PR sites where CS falls overs, although it can still burn through credits.

  • CB plus CS3x fallback. no more "suck the money" captcha services..
  • Yes, but neither CS nor CB solve recapchas.
    I used Deathbycaptcha, they are good but I was wondering if there something cheaper. They increased their price at certain times of the day.
  • deathybycaptcha, just don't use them between 1 and 9, or whatever hours they increase it by 33%
  • M'bad didn't read op properly :- )

    But as I posted, I use deathbycaptcha, but have it set as the 2nd choice and only if PR is greater than a certain value by campaign.

    Still can be "expensive"

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