Why should I create spun/alternative Messages for GSA-WC?

Good day, GSA pplz!~ Very happy to say I now own a license for yet another GSA product, Website Contact. :)

I was deciding between this and GSA-Content Generator, but looking things over, my use of GSA SER has to improve in many other ways before I need to start integrating yet another variable set.  Once I get my projects really together, that's my next move.

What I wanted to know was this: Why do I create spun messages?

What would be wrong with sending one standard unspun message? It's not being posted publicly, so does it really matter?

I guess if sending to multiple people in one company, it definitely matters.

Amyway, sorry for long-winded intro to post...


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    Often these messages get sent to the inbox of the website owner. That inbox might be some global hoster like gmail or hotmail. If they see the same message again and again, they will tag it as spam which you don't want to happen really.
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    " That inbox might be some global hoster like gmail or hotmail."

    Wow.  I'm glad I asked.  Didn't think of that... >_<

    Thank you, Sven, for helping me not waste my time and hobble myself yet again...lol
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    Sven has a completely valid point, but I don't spin my messages.  The spam filters are uber good and your going to get blocked, you just are. 

    you can spin it to death, but they track all kinds of things, so if you spin a message with 437 variations, and you include a link, you need 437 different spun links to accomplish being effective and you need to spin out the mails they are coming from, and the names and subjects etc.. Its all trackable.

    Its possible to spin everything to death of course, but then you want the message to be readable, and not sound like jibberish.  It does depend of course on how many your sending.  If your sending 10K messages, sure you can accomplish it. 

    If your sending a million messages, spin it 100 times and your still looking at 10,000 unique variations which is plenty enough to get you blocked, depending on your time frames. 

    Plus, can you make 100 variations make sense and more then that, can you make 100 variations actually do a good job of selling your idea? 

    Maybe so, I don't know, but I tend to just go and take the low hanging fruit I can get and move on.  If you have the time, please split test and let us know how it goes.

    Risk vs reward vs time spent just isn't worth it for me, but then I have never Extensively split tested it, only to some degree. 

    My 2 cents. 
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    good point indeed @loopline - If you leave an URL there and it's always the same, you are caught! Maybe consider using GSA URL Redirect here for thousands of links pointing to the money URL on a redirect.

    If someone would do a test on this, it would be really interesting to know if good spinning + URL-Redirects make a difference.
  • looplineloopline autoapprovemarketplace.com
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    GSA redirect is a good idea, and I know people that do this. 

    Im not saying this is bad, but the reasons I don't do this are:

    1 - If the redirect site gets complaints and they can your redirect url and you don't keep on top of it, your promoting something that doesn't exist anymore

    2- These redirect sites no doubt are regularly used by all sorts of people sending mail and in my testing many of them are already on spam haus and other blacklists and thus immediately reduce your discoverability in the first place. 

    Because if your premise is to avoid spam filters and you start with blacklisted domains, your hitting spam filters out of the gate and defeating the entire purpose. 

    3 - CAN SPAM in the USA requires that an opt out link be active for 30 days after a campaign ends.   So if I use a redirect url on a campaign and it gets a complaint and the redirect site deletes it, then they have forced me to violate the law and I will be held accountable in court, if it came to it.   Otherwise Im compliant, but I don't like using a service that has control over whether or not I remain legaly compliant.  This is especially important for me given I live in the USA. 

    So for these reasons, and other potential reasons, I don't use redirect urls hosted on domains I do not own and host myself. 

    I have tried sub domains on my own urls and it doesn't make any differences worth mentioning. 


    What I will say is, if you spin your messages, make sure you do them right.  I got this contact form submission today and either they didn't bother to proof read before sending or they had spintax issues.  Its like 2 messages in 1. 

    Hello contactformmarketing.com,


    Hope you are doing great.

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    We could lower that cost and not compromise on quality!


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    Note: Reply back with us "Interested" or allow me to sent you No Obligation Audit Report for your website.

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    Thanks, kindly, Sven and Loopline. I appreciate the knowledge you guys have gained and that you're helping me to do this right. :)

    "CAN SPAM in the USA requires that an opt out link be active for 30 days after a campaign ends.  " -Loopline

    I have to read this and see what actually constitutes a "campaign." I did not know this would apply to the contact forms!!  I want to read CANN-SPAM through... :p

    "Because if your premise is to avoid spam filters and you start with blacklisted domains, your hitting spam filters out of the gate and defeating the entire purpose. " -Loopline

    OK; again trying to avoid this "out of the gate" hobbling effect! >_<

    Is another issue that the redirects may be viewed as spam, or dangerous, by most message recipients, in this situation?  It seems to lend more credibility to have an actual site, tho I see then I am limited b/c of the spam filters Sven spoke of:

    "If you leave an URL there and it's always the same, you are caught!" -Sven

    I did not consider this. Hmm...I know a big overlooked thing with posting with SER seems to be lack of variation in titles, from some posts I've run across out on the Internet. 

    I see now, Sven, that with mail contacts, even the email matters.  Does this differ in any way from how emails matter on forums and public posts?  I knowfor that, we're dealing with (sometimes) shared plugins for antispam systems where self-reporting matters, and in this instance it's internal mail servers looking for JUST this thing, and are probably way more adept at it than the average business site owner, I would imagine... 
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    All good points. Thanks for this very interesting conversation...looking at points I never thought about before. I will link this in the tutorial section if you don't mind.
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