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Need help on the verification step in the script

Hi @sven, could you please help me out of this situation, I am optimizing the buddypress engine, I notice the "create group" process is aborted after the finial steps, and it shows some strange message like "the process is timeout" or similar, this doesn't matter, because the group is successfully created, and article is posted properly, the problem is the verification, since the submission is not successfully ended, the finial URL is NOT the page of article, so I can't use the following code to verify the URL:

submit success=>%article_title%</a>|/activity/delete/|href="%url%
submit failed=<title>Page not found|Sorry, we can't find the content you're looking for at this URL|Sorry, we could not find the page you are looking for.|We're sorry, but we can't find the page that you're looking for|Sorry, you are not allowed to create groups.|We're sorry, but we can't find the page that you're looking for. Perhaps searching will help|Sorry, you are not allowed to create groups.|<div class="error">|<div id="message" class="error">|Error establishing a database connection|Only Admins can create groups
submit failed retry=Error establishing a database connection

verify submission=1
verify by=url
verify interval=1
verify timeout=1
verify on unknown status=1
verify url=%formurl%
I need to find a way to let SER to browse the "groups" page first, then try to find the article title to locate the finial URL for verify URL field, could you please advise how to write the code, thanks in advance.


  • SvenSven
    you can try to comment the "submit failed" line or simply remove the error message from that string.
  • sashiloversashilover China
    edited September 2018
    It's not about the status of submission, it's about the verification, the submission process is unknown since the finial page on submission process is not the article page, the problem I am having is that SER is unable to "find" the verification URL.. I tried to define a new verification URL filed as following:
    ; %groups% means the URL of groups page
    find link=%article_title%

    verify url=%formurl%|%new_ver_url%

    But SER doesn't seem to handle this, it takes two steps to find the verification URL, first open the groups page, then find the real verification URL through the article title.
    How to handle this?  
    Thanks for your patience.

  • SvenSven
    but this is already a modified script then, since in original buddypress you have ...

    verify url=%group_url%

    and then...

    find link=%article_title%
    find url=%targethost%*%article_title%*|%targethost%*/groups/[a-z]*/|%targethost%*/groups-*/[a-z]*/

    find link=%article_title%
    find url=%targethost%*/groups/[a-z]*/|%targethost%*/groups-*/[a-z]*/
  • sashiloversashilover China
    edited September 2018
    Thanks, got it work.
  • SvenSven
    hmm it would be nice if you can share your modification as well.
  • I made a lot of modification for the engine, and I can't share it to public because I can't afford to get it burned just like other public engines in SER... sorry for that.
  • SvenSven
    Well sorry to hear that, I might not help on further scripting then as well.
  • Well, I did my contribution to this forum by opening an jforum engine which allows to post contextual dofollow blacklinks on the profile page, see at:

    So the not helping me decision is not fair to me, Sven.
  • SvenSven
    Sorry, I must have missed that. Is that engine still working?
  • sure, it's working very well...
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