KontentMachine/SERPowerhouse is Georgi alive?

I have those products and they sort of work, and I needed some support a few months ago and got it, so no concrete problem. But there hasn't been any real activity since 2 years. and even their blog doesn't have anything since then.
So I wonder: does anyone know whether they're still alive and kicking?


  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
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    I think since hardcore spamming is dead these services popularity also waned. SCM forum seems dead too. Luckily the product still works.

  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    SCM - I asked him for information about the api, no reply. I found an issue that isn't fixed by now.
  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
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    The whole thing is strange as some new features and updates are keep coming. Not on a daily basis but it's still maintained on some level. Here is the changelog: http://seocontentmachine.com/download/changelog.txt

  • iamsrilankaniamsrilankan srilanka
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    recently i got update to kontent machine 
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> http://asiavirtualsolutions.com | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
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    Dont know what you are going on about, i use Kontent Machine daily and have no problems with it, and they are pushing updates when needed.

    Chatted with Kontent machine developer earlier this week, about something, and he indicated they are now working on KM V4 which will be multi languge 

    Partial changelog below

    Kontent Machine (February-01-2018)

    • Fixed: Load campaign error

    Kontent Machine (November-23-2017)

    • Fixed: Small few bugs

    Kontent Machine (October-26-2017)

    • Fixed: WordAi V4 Contextual links

    Kontent Machine (October-19-2017)

    • Added: “Topic” and “About Bookmarking” Fields for GSA Template

    Kontent Machine (June-26-2017)

    • Fixed: WordAi V4 API integration

    Kontent Machine (June-24-2017)

    • Fixed: Small few bugs

    Kontent Machine (June-23-2017)

    • Upgrade: WordAi V4 integration

    Kontent Machine (April-25-2017)

    • Fixed: Proxy format errors
  • Good to know, thanks for your answer!
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