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Limit the amount of created articles in GSACG

I'd like to add a limit of the amount of articles created, currently I get around 1500 and as 75% are duplicates of each other, it's adding to the workload of filtering through them all. If we could get completely different articles (not just the same one with spun titles), but limit to x amount (say 100) then this would speed up the time taken to generate multiple campaigns.

Back story, I create content around each keyword I work on - currently around 1300 kws, so this takes forever when I only need/want 25% of the articles created and so many are dupes of each other.

@Sven do you think there is a work around for this?


  • SvenSven
    hmm why are there dupes? It should have cleared the duplicates out before generating new articles? Or did you use previous sources?
  • If I set the uniqueness to 80% will that help? I tend to get 0 results if I do that, for many kws.
  • SvenSven
    that value depends on the spin syntax/service used. You see that in the listing as well.
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