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Separate Domain and Url

I have question, can u add option in Gsa SER to percentage separate Domain and Url as anchor text?




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    edited March 2017
    If your going to use it at 100%, why not just disable that and add your urls/domain as regular keywords? Simple spintax would accomplish your goal in that case.

    Or just enter multiple urls in your list of target urls, with some being root and some being your url/subpages.
  • Thanks for the answe but i have to do that? Beacuse when i add urls like keywords its adding url(www.example) but when i wanna click is redirect to difrent website :(

    Like this

    Url text ( but when i click it open other adress from project urls
  • I unchecked domain as anchor text. And its adding urls with anchor from keywords but i have unchecked "use keywords as anchr text" :(
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