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Selling Websites - Options?

Hi all,

So, just for a bit of change I put together a strictly white hat website selling digital products, its been doing pretty well for me the past 6 months or so but it doesn't really suit my style, I'd much rather just build them up and set and forget them than be dealing with customers and all that stuff.

Anyway, long story short, I think I'm going to try and sell it. It should be worth a few bucks to someone, just wondering where the best place is to sell these things? I'm aware of Flippa obviously but can anyone suggest anywhere else? Has anyone had any experience of selling on Flippa or elsewhere? Any hints, tips and guidance are appreciated, I'm flying a bit solo on this one!



  • shaunshaun
    If its making over $1000 a month then FEInternational may broker it for you.

    On a side note, have you not built a single backlink to the site? If so this is similar to how my new site is going, just out of curiosity, how long did it take before its traffic to begin to climb in your analytics?
  • Hi @shaun

    Yes, no link building at all, just been focusing on on-site SEO and just seeing where it went to organically. I'm trying to take a different approach where I see where sites get to without too much off-site stuff being done and just reserve the option to fire up GSA if it needs a bit of a shove without coming out all guns blazing from the get-go. My theory is that when you eventually need to give things a shove, then you've got some Brownie points accumulated with the search engines so they're more forgiving. Just a hunch.

    I have started an affiliate scheme on the site though and got a couple of solid links via that which have no doubt helped things along. And I've got a Twitter and Facebook going as well although I have to admit I've been building sites now for 10 years or more and I still can't get my head around Twitter, it's absolute sh1te in my opinion, in fact I've sworn to myself this will be the last time I use it for a site other than to just secure the brand name. Organically? I'd say about 6-8 weeks before I noticed people finding me via Google. What I thought was interesting was that I'm based in the UK, the website sells in $ but most of the early traffic was from Eastern Europe. Weird the way Google works sometimes.

    Thanks for FE International I have to admit I've really only heard of Flippa and figured there must be more out there. I don't know what I don't like about Flippa. Something. Looks like I might have to hold onto it for 12 months though before I can sell it, I think they need a proven track record. I'll shoot them an email. Thanks. Sorry for the ramble :)
  • shaunshaun
    This is pretty much exactly what I am doing now just you are a few month ahead of me. How much content do you have on the site?

    I was doing to throw $12,500 at content for my site as I have three writers that would produce around half a million words for it but I am going to start small and put $2500 in and see how it goes. I have never did a massive site like this, especially with no links.

    I think my biggest site right now it around 80 articles all about 1000 words in total.

    I have never used FEInternational I read they aint fans of sites hit with tools but one of the owners is meadhead from blackhatworld. Pretty sure he is an admin over there but hes always been sound and gave out solid advice. I have seen him active on Reddit and Quora too. If my site pans out I plan to shift all of my efforts into building more sites in this way, aging them two years and then selling them through FEInternational while attempting to travel as much as possible :P.
  • It's a WooCommerce site so aside from the Home, About Us, FAQ type of pages the rest of the site is just the products. There's about 1300 of them :)

    The blog is largely undeveloped, I just use it for site announcements and product updates. I've had good success with the affiliation so far so I'm just going to push that side of things and let others do all the hard work :D

    I know a couple of lads in Leeds who used to run an agency and they packed in and all they do now all day is create sites, monetise them in some way and flip them. When you look at some of the dross that sells on Flippa for decent money I can see the attraction because good sites sell well. I think you've got every chance of making it happen mate, I don't know how old you are but if I was in my 20's again I'd be living a digital nomadic existence, it's got a lot going for it (apart from reliable internet!)

    I used to be heavily involved with the fifa coins scene a couple of years back and the site we had was never ranking for anything much, it was so hard to get onto page 1 with all the Chinese spam on there but we did manage to get some high profile YouTubers to promote the site and the traffic we got was insane. You're talking literally hundreds of thousands of page views in a day and this was for a site that was barely inside the top 50. I had an epiphany then that it's not always about chasing keywords and getting on page 1 but just driving traffic.

    I remember reading a lad on here some time ago saying the same thing that he just spends on google ads, no seo or anything, no tiered link building, just google ads. It gets the traffic, you get the sales, rinse and repeat. Of course this is what Google want you to do but I know someone who is killing it with Reddit ads, I've had no luck myself but then I suppose it depends on the niche to some extent.

    I'm definately leaning towards doing more of that and trying to build a PBN out rather than what I've been doing the last few years which is probably the kind of stuff where if I'm being honest just isn't as effective any more. I just feel like some days I'm spinning my wheels without achieving an awful lot. Like I said on another thread earlier, you can get satisfaction out of building 100k backlinks in a day to a site but are you going to get 100k more visitors, or 100k more juice than the guy who went and just built 1 dynamite link instead? I used to think you did, now I'm far from convinced.

    Rambling again, been on the pop as you can tell :) Cheers mate, good to know about FEInternational, the only thing I couldn't see on their site was what their commission rates are. Flippa are 15% and I'm not sure they do much to earn it to be honest.
  • @Johan - traffic is traffic, as long as it's quality and it converts that's all that matters :)
  • @redrays - Haha you summed up in one line what it took me 50 lines to do - ^:)^
  • @Johan - haha no worries :)

    I think seo's can get a bit of tunnel vision, and it's important to take a step back and access what's really important.
  • shaunshaun
    @Johan yea thats how I am seeing things right now, ideally I want to move my bot stuff to more traffic leaking based stuff.

    I'm 31 in a few days but just been living a lad lifestyle serving in the RAF, I'm out in a month or so and plan to take a year out to focus on IM and if it takes off travel and making a digital nomad blog/vlog too.
  • I only tried to sell on flippa once. I got a lot of offers, but not more than 6x monthly income of the site so I didn't sell it.
  • Ahhh f*** you guys lol - I have SEO tunnel vision, but am now looking at Facebook shop/ads for my Shopify site. It's a massive industry top keyword gets 3.6m pm and I'm sat between 30-50 (volatile as f) so long tails are doing well but none in top 5 yet. That said, it's all PBN links and nothing else, so plenty of room......but as mentioned, traffic is traffic and I want some FB traffic as you can target who.

    I just sold a few sites on Flippa, so I'd say give it a try anyway. There's which looks decent TBH and I reckon you could easily get more than you want from it and, not used either but nearly put my SEO business on there to just start over and have the capital to invest in 10s of huge sites all in one go. Retirement fund (I'm only 33 but gotta think), pay off mortgage, fun money, cars, living and reinvestment sites. 

  • @JudderMan - seems like Facebook ads and Instagram organic / ads work very well with Shopify. I'm about the same age as you, so it's brand new to me and I'm slowly wading my way in, but what I've seen looks promising.
  • Try to contact your competitors/friends in your niche, maybe they are interested?
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