I have a couple VPS's I can lease out...

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I recently purchased a dedicated server and created some VPS's on it for my own use, just running GSA and CSX.  I'd be willing to lease out 2 of the VPS's to other GSA users at a very reasonable price.

VPS's have 2 dedicated CPU cores, 2GB dedicated Ram, 50GB HDD, 100MBit port running WinXP.

Thinking I'll charge just $30/month per VPS which is cheaper than any comparable VPS I've seen.  Let me know if you're interested.


  • is your dedicated server stable? no limit bandwith? windows server 2008 or 2012? can i try it for 1-2 days first? 
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    Stable yes.  Running CentOS Linux as the server OS, which is more stable than a windows server imo.  The VM itself is running WindowsXP though.  Unmetered 100mbit, so no bandwidth limit.

    If you pay for a month, I'll give you a day to test it out after which you can request a refund I guess. 

    BTW, here's a speed test I just performed...


    It takes me quite a bit of time to get the VPS set up and ready for you, and being that I'm doing it all on my own I don't think I can offer a trial period.  What I could do is if you pay upfront and cancel within the first week I can give you 50% of your payment back... does that sound fair?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    That download speed is slow and you can get a vps at Berman for less.... Or am I missing something?
  • I wasn't familiar with Berman, I see they do theirs for $27/month for the comparable vps.  I could lease mine for $20/month.  I'm not looking to go into business and make a profit leasing VPS's, I just have a couple extra and can help pay for my server cost this way.

    And I'm sorry, but I disagree, 45Mb/s is not slow in my book, that's beyond plenty for GSA.  I run 250 threads at home on my 20Mb/s connection and I can't max out my bandwidth.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    If you add a few more people to the server all running a lot of bandwidth, that might become a bottleneck...not likely though. My download with Hostamus is usually around 150 mb/s and 35 up.
  • It's only going to be 3 people on this server max as that's all the VMs I'm going to create, but good point.
  • you did some lousy market research :D (when you claim its cheaper then anywhere else)

    @ http://trustvm.com/ you cant start your VPS at $11, and they have a good service and support level


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    @oil, you can judge from that.. cause powerup still can sell even OVH is much cheaper....  competition is good...
  • @oil, from what I can tell trustvm is only offering 1 cpu core at their $20 price range.  So I'd stand by my statement that the vm I'm offering up is cheaper (and better).  The $11 vps at trustvm is only 1GB Ram, so not very good for what we're doing, 2GB is a minimum in my opinion.

    Also, I didn't do much market research because I'm not in the market to run a vm business. :)  If you missed my earlier comments, I'm just trying to help out other GSA members by sharing a resource that I have, not looking to profit, just split costs.

    @darman82, power up hosting is much more expensive then what I'm offering.  Their comparable VM is $59.

    If anyone is interested in a 2-cpu, 2gb ram, unlimited bandwidth, 50gb hdd windows vm let me know.  Still have 1 available @ $20/month.
  • poweruphostingpoweruphosting Los Angeles
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    @pdxkurt Don't forget we are using E3 series (E3-1230/v2 and E3-1270/v2) processors which are far more stable and better in terms of processing along with 1000 Mbps port, so that eventually adds up to the total.

    Many a times, people fall into the trap of low pricing but they forget to see what kind of server specifications the company is using.

    1) It's important to see the Processor Speed and Processor Type. Refer to this list:

    2) It's important to see the brand of Hard Disk and RAM, they play a very very vital role.

    In my recent case study, I found that WD/Segate hard disk are much more stable in terms of speed and results as against Samsung or any other hard disk. But WD stood out and did an exceptionally awesome job.

    3) It's important to see the network (I ain't talking about the speedtest results, these test can easily be faked out), 90% of the providers would throttle the network for your server (That's how they can offer you CHEAP VPS/SERVERs).

    In the end most of the customers fall into the trap of CHEAP prices and then start realizing after 3-4 months by when it would be to late to realize.

    I can easily purchase cheap processor, motherboard, hard disk, ram etc and then start offering VPS at low price but that won't even make sense as people would get pathetic results.
  • @poweruphosting Completely agree and understand the impact of hardware.  All I can say so far is my machine is running great and the VPS's I have setup on it are performing better than expected.  I was using a powerful dedicated machine before this VPS and the LpM are virtually the same (about 25/LpM which is good for me).

    Not trying to steal any of your business, just 1 machine that I have a few VMs on that I'm looking to split costs with, but to be honest not sure if I even want to do that any longer, I'm kinda enjoying having 3 VMs to myself.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @pdxkurt - what is your dedi provider? 
  • @GlobalGoogler Wholesale Internet.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Thanks! That looks like a good option for the future. How do you find it handling the CPU? My current VPS's are always maxed out on CPU resource so need a better CPU. 
  • @GlobalGoogler The CPU does show 99% frequently as I'm running 250 threads on a 2 cpu vm, but performance wise it doesn't seem to be an issue.  Like I mentioned previously I was only doing about 20-25lpm on my home machine, and am doing the same on the vm which has fewer dedicated resources.  I'm sure if I had more projects and more tweaking I could bring that number up, but it is all that is needed for my current projects to complete each day.
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