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Feb 2017 G Algo update

Lots of talk the past few days about a possible 'silent' update by G that specifically targets PBN's. I checked my KW base and yes, I saw movement in the wrong direction so I am a bit concerned right now. If G is able to sniff out PBN's and discount their value, we are left with less in our bag of tricks.

So I am going to try a new strategy now.

SER Tier 1. I am going to target high quality articles for T1 using SER. I will see if I can dilute my PBN's by increasing the number of MS links.

I am also going to hunt down a good social media tool to build my base and increase engagement + click-through.

Will update here with anything else I can discover.


  • Here's one strategy you can consider:

    I'm somewhat active in a couple of niches that are dominated by guys with PBNs. I'll set aside some time this week to look into what's happened over the past few weeks, and I'll also see what kind of links they're using for diversity.
  • @redrays I only used SER on all my sites and client sites - no penalties only good stuff. You just need to set it up properly and have decent content, people seem to forget to do that and chase LPM. Once it's working, though, I used to regularly get 500LPM even on very tight parameters and engines.

    I only stopped to play with PBNs and have seen the light, but I have a fair few dusty licenses of SER to restart soon.
  • @JudderMan - agreed, SER is incredibly flexible and can be used on any domain if you're willing to put in the time to set things up properly.
  • @redrays thanks for the link! How is LV? Rainy and cold back home...

    @JudderMan I always wondered is someone could do that and am happy to see a ray of hope! I am thinking of adding in SER to my T1 layer (cautiously) to sort of hide my PBN's in the mix of things and am wondering what types of links you are using? Articles only? Which ones?
  • @viking - no problem, I've never tried running SER that way personally but it sounds like it would work well. Everything's going great here :)
  • @viking I haven't used SER since May last year but I have bought some web 2.0 blasts (RX I think) from providers to dilute anchor text on hitting new sites with PBNs. Doing it at the same time, with the right ratio, gives a good 'website launch' feel to it all, and then the link-building calms down to a drip.

    Anyway, web 2.0s, articles and whatever else is contextual these days. I never bothered with the other engines, people get crazy about building 1m shit links instead of having 500 good links.
  • edited February 2017
    Another slight update yesterday (8th)

    Seems I had a fake/wrong "dangerous" warning for my old site, it's now de-indexed
  • @Anth20 thanks for the share. sorry to hear about your site. it does seem like G is zero-ing on our type of strategy with increased frequency. i can move a new kw with no problem, but once it gets to a competitive position it is getting slapped around a bit. I am actually going to take it up a notch and add a PBN layer to what I do. So my new method: MS<PBN<PBN<2.0<SER  Will see if that works.
  • I've never used PBN's to be fair I tend not to follow the trend and be different but it seems people do well with them, yours sounds good. Goodluck with it.
    Patience is what I aint got lately, I got everything #1 again not long ago only to be slapped randomly.

    To get everything that position it took bloody 6 months or so, far too long in my opinion.

    What do you think the rough time is to get even first page on low-medium niches?
  • @Anth20 That is brutal for you. I have been doing PBN's for last three years, just not really talking about them. My main MS ranks ok. I have other sites that do ok too, but have more 2.0 activity. It is those sites that seem to be having the most issues now. I am not sure if it is my niche or my site, but it seems like 2.0 heavy linking makes a difference now. If I turn the faucet on too much, too many 2.0's or too much SER behind them, it seems to slip a bit. If I drip feed the 2.0's over several months, it works better but takes forever and hits some type of ceiling. So it seems somewhere in the middle is the place to be, but good luck finding the sweet spot.

    Good luck

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