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I'm thinking instead of buying GSA Indexer, GSA SER should be able to do the backlinking itself. I'm thinking hitting all pages that exists (and likely indexed) - not creating new. That means blogs, guestbooks etc. just like many of you. But are they actually the best? How about the indexer, referrer links? Aren't they some of the kind of sites that SEO indexer hits?

Basicly - what is the best practice for getting your tiers indexed?


  • SEO indexer is $20 brah
  • It's not the money, but more like not wasting resources on another program.

    So my question remains, can GSA SER do GSA Indexers job if using referrers and index platforms?
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    I run 4 tiers and yesterday I ran 2160 T1 links through Scrapebox index checker. I had 796 indexed and 1364 not indexed.  This is without GSA Indexer as my VPS can't handle running it, no lindexed or any other 3rd party help.
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    Backlinking is probably the single most effective way to get something indexed. But if you have a bottom tier that grows fast and large, you will be lucky to match it link for link.

    You really need a good number of links linking to each link to help insure it gets indexed. Something like 10:1 or 20:1.

    So to answer your question @claus10, those links should help, it just comes down to how many links can you build for the final tier.

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    @king818 Did you use any special platforms to get them indexed? Remember that blogposts, imageposts etc. should already be indexed because they are not created by you but the siteowner.

    @ron I hear you :) but would the best bet be to use the indexer platforms, since blogs are usually author approved?

    Thanks to both of you for posting.
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    I don't think anyone has a great answer. When that happens, the only thing to do is test and keep track of the results.

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