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Need New Engine For Craigslist and


I need new engines for Craigslist and postings, can someone help me with writting engines for these two sites?

Thank you,



  • No one has offered yet help on creating engines for Craigslist and Backpage but even if someone does,
    it is important to know that GSA SER even if it could post ads to these sites, they will only post one ad per site, Sven has told me this in an email.

    I have since been creating my own posting ad software system and is far better than I could have expected.
    I can add as many posting ad websites to my profile and it can post ads automatically to thousands of sites, all with options like, spinning subjects, descriptions, auto decaptcha's, private proxies enabled and can auto submit when I ask it to by calendar dates.

    I am working about 8 hours per day on this and have been for months and will continue for months to come but the result is extremely rewarding.

    My system can even post ads by websites categories and in every city available from that website always respecting the categories entered.

    My idea here is not to spam the hell out of a site, it's to have my ads noticed, seen, picked up by search engines and at the end, produce results for my affiliate marketing.

    If anyone reads this and has something similar of a system to this, please do share, I am always
    more than willing to consider it.

  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    GSA SER is losing customers and gaining a bad reputation because it doesn't do one specific thing that it wasn't really built to do but you personally need? Sounds like a stretch to me.
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
    Top level classified-ad sites like that are kind of outside of GSA's scope of purpose. All links from either of those sites are no-follow, and I believe no-index.

    Beyond that, there is a whole MOUNTAIN of stuff needed to post on either site that is beyond GSA.

    You need PVA phone accounts, credit cards (Ads are not free after awhile), local IP addresses / proxies, valid (Long term) email addresses to confirm and reconfirm ads, and a whole mess of other stuff.

    Even specialized software for posting to those sites (Which does exist, is expensive, and sort-of works) has a tough time keeping on top of it.

    Thats why its not in SER. Sure - Sven could easily script something to go register, post an ad, and be done with it. Technically.

    But that ad would never be published, because without all the other stuff I listed above it would be flagged as spam.

    You *need* specialized software to do it. In fact, even posting CL/BP ads by hand is a PITA.
  • Metster,

    I was just wondering, if the IP is rotated regularly trough let's say Hidemyass every few postings and the ads are posted to classifieds sites are all spun titles and spun descriptions, how would that apply :

    Rotating IP = SPAM in today's evolving web.

    The idea being, posting one ad, spun always, posted on as many classified sites as possible, then using GSA SER creating tier projects to give the initial ads more juice...
    Always spinning the IP also.

    I mean, is this not how it's supposed to be done in today's world ?

    Please your input would be appreciated.

    Anyone else who wants to please give their opinion, would be greatly appreciated also!

    Thank you
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