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Quick Question: Tokens

If I already have tokens in my articles, do I need to check anything regarding inserting links?  (i.e. insert up to X links).  Or will doing this create links where the tokens are AND also even more links on top of this?

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    if you use %link% 3 times, then it is adding a link 3 times as it has to resolve that macro of course. Then if you use the option to put 0-3 additinal links, it will add that as well.


  • SvenSven
    one link is inserted automatically unless you use the options to not place links. If you want more than just one link, you need to check that option. Then SER will first search for the anchor text it wants to place and if there is nothing found, it will add it + the link on it.
  • @sven - thanks but I'm not sure I got my question across correctly.  Let me be more specific:

    - I have an article that has the token %link% in it 3 times.
    - I also have selected 'insert up to 3 links' in GSA SER

    Will GSA SER put in 3-6 links in this case?  Or 0-3?

    So if I only want 3 links, I should deselect the latter option...?

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