vs please advice

Any thoughts or opinions about which one is better would be much appreciated. Are they the same quality? I have used buyproxies in the past but I see proximillion is cheaper, if they are the same it would be wise to use them instead.

Thank you in advance


  • How will you make use of these proxies?
    Scraping / posting?

    Proxymillion's proxies only have acces to 4 websites. 
  • For GSA + serengines + Content machine tiered link building. I suppose that I would was thinking to start using 25-50 private proxies
  •  tiered link building -> proxymillion only allows you to use 4 websites.
    So if you buy those, you can't post on other sites.
  • I guess I am stuck with buyproxies, any other more affordable choices?
  • There are many more. As long as they are private and they accept all websites.
    You could try rotating proxies as well. 
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    Buyproxies has always killed it for me.

    Dont be afraid to really turn up your thread count - With 10 private proxies I usually get away with 700-800 threads.

    You want PRIVATE proxies, not shared ones. Shared proxies are slightly cheaper, but obviously response time is going to be extremely variable - You cannot control the load being put on them by whoever you are sharing them with.
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