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Hi, guys! need a little help with blog commenting!

It may be a easy question but i would very appreciate if you guys can help me out.

I am going to blast the blog comment, and I'd like to know how many proxies do I need for blast 100,000 comment in 24 hours.  What I mean is how to do like white hat blog comment not to be filtered by spam plugin like Jetpack.

Thank you in advance!

Best Answers

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    I don't know Jetpack but I know Askimet and they trigger it as spam if you submit the same URL in comments in a short time no matter what IP you are coming from. BAsed on that and guessing other anti-spam plugins doing the same, it's very unlikely that you will get to that number of posts shortly even with a big amount of proxies.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    I have a hard time believing that URL Shorteners will work here to hide the spam. However even if thats possible here, I would say that each proxy should be used just once every 4 hours to not trigger some spam flag.


  • @Sven Thanks for your help. How about I use big amount of redirect urls in this case? Also I spin all fields. How many proxies for that amount submission everyday? Or is it possible to make it?
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