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Run 2 instances of GSA Email Spider on same computer?

I'm running 1 instance of GSA email spider (50-100 active connections) right now on a dedicated home computer.

I need to get another instance of GSA email spider running for another project.

Can I do this on the same dedicated home computer? I'm concerned regarding performance, internet speed, etc. 

Or should I set this up on a 3rd party (external, remote) dedicated server?


  • SvenSven
    Thats not allowed. And there is a good reason. It's not about money here or forcing your to buy another license. We have to do this to not hammer e.g. search engines with search queries and not get banned.
    There are also no reasons to do it as you can increase threads and run multiple projects that you have prepared before.
  • If I setup 2 dedicated computers on my network, with 2 licenses of GSA Email Spider, is that considered hammering? I'm more concerned regarding pissing off my ISP.

    I don't make use of the built in keyword search function (I use Scrapebox and import a URL list to crawl).
  • SvenSven
    well if you use it that way fine, make sure you however have two licenses here. And yes, you might get trouble with ISP for too much load.
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