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unable to get balance

HI , 

Today i had Bought  x 10 Captchas packs from . when i try to integrate it to GSA captcha breaker its saying "unable to get balance" Kindly help me to solve the issue 




  • SvenSven
    go to DBC and ask them for support. Really. This is happening all the time lately with their server. All I get to hear from customers is that DBC said it's GSA thats doing something wrong.

    In fact nothing we do is wrong here as we didn't change the API for years. It's DBC that has issues all the time it seems and Im not willing to take the blame for them anymore.

    I do not recommend using their service if it goes on like this.
  • Ok sven let me Report them 
  • @Sven ;deathbycaptcha support is tooo poor they had nod fix the problem right now . 
  • SvenSven
    Im sorry to hear this but there is little I can do about it sorry.
  • zeekzeek new york
    Same problem here, very annoyed
  • I stopped using them...
  • what do you recommend as an alternative to dbc ?
  • @seo22

    I have a gaggle of elves I keep locked up in my basement, they do all my captcha work for me.
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