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I need Google PVA accounts - anyone recommend?

edited May 2016 in Other / Off Topic
I need a few Google PVA accounts, can anyone recommend any sellers?


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  • fiverr has a few for sale
  • @viking unless I am being blind, I couldn't actually find any sellers hence the post - thanks anyway though

    @redrays - thanks, will check them out
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @jjumpm2 no problem, I needed aged accounts myself so I'm testing which I found advertising on bhw. I'll drop a note in here if it's any good.
  • I use buyaccs for, have been for almost a year. I really like them. I was using WizMail before, but its buggy and unreliable.
  • seems great
  • I have bought from buyaccs multiple times over the years, they deliver, and if you have issues with the accounts, just open a support ticket, and request for a refund - they will refund.

    Also, the PP payment is hidden - request the owner for PP payment access, and you'll receive additional info.
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