Found a porn website in report.

MahabubMahabub Malaysia
i am using this from 1 years before but recently i found a porn website in ''csv'' file format report in GSA SEO Indexer.
now my client very much angry with me :( he told me right now delete her website from those porn website..

Now please told me what should i do now ??


  • MahabubMahabub Malaysia
    I randomly checked the link backs. One specific request I made was NOT to link from or to pornography. Link #5 is a hundred images of porn. Remove that link back to any of my clients website immediately. When looking up their rankings it shows websites who link in on If there is a pornography site it will show that. These clients are very high profile bankers and News websites. Porn linking in or out could kill their business. let me know when you have removed all porn sites linking into as well as I will
    then leave my review and comment.

  • SvenSven
    OK so you think a site does not belong into that database of submit sites, fine. Why not letting me know about it? You seriously want me to remove links build?
    Also why does it matter here? It's a tool to get sites indexed more quickly. It's not a permanent/static link you see in this software unless you start linking yourself to the build links.
    In the end I don't understand your request really.

  • @Sven

    I think this is one of those blackhatworld guys who takes order to blast GSA links at money sites. Obviously he has no idea what he's doing because he used SER directly at a client's site. That's pretty much as stupid as you could be, but unfortunately seems it's quite common. 

    Not sure why he thinks you can remove links- if the site really is that bad it will (hopefully) drop off or get removed. 

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