no more link targets and my dropbox is full

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I'm pretty new to GSA and I'm seeing warnings that I don't have any more "link targets" and my DropBox is full.

I get the real time lists from serverifiedlists dot com

How can I fix this?


  • SvenSven
    its a notice no warning. do you see activity int he log for link building?
  • For some projects, I use auto-sync lists from two providers. 

    I get these "no more link target" errors a lot, especially when I run on high threads. my internet connections is quite fast, yet I realized that DB is the bottleneck here; my DP is huge, and sometimes the program takes a while to unlock the files after write actions (especially with huge lists and many files).

    I think that's where the errors come from... but like Sven wrote: you can mostly ignore those. But you also wrote that your DP is full - maybe importing the sl files directly would be a better option for you?
  • I haven't seen any ranking improvements in about a month of using SER lists...  and also no improvements from GSA at all.

    How can I get my dropbox to not be full?  Some ascii link lists shouldnt take 2gb, why is it full?

    How can actually rank a site using GSA?  What's the use?
  • @gsauser101 Watch the tutorials. Check some blog postings on GSA SER. Support here is good, but what kind of answer do you expect from asking such *very* general questions?

    Of course GSA can rank a site. Or many sites. But you have to use it the right way...

    I'm trying to keep a friendly tone here, but I wonder if your question How can I get my dropbox to not be full? is a joke. Buy a pro account, get yourself a bigger dropbox. Yes, of course ascii link lists can take 2GB. We're talking about huge link lists here.
  • jonseo

    seriously how big of a list would it have to be to fill 2gb with ASCII.... I'm not sure you've thought about that...

    what's the "right way" to use it then?  i guess that's what I'm asking because I've seen no effect from using it and i'm no spring chicken
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    according to this link:

    ASCII in the english language is about 1byte per character

    that means that a 8GB ASCII file will store about 1 billion words... do you really think you have a GSA list with 1 billion links in it?  how about just 500 million?  no you dont.

    my question is why would you answer something in a rude way when you obviously have no idea what you are talking about?

    i may not be experienced with GSA, but at least I know how much data is stored in 8GB... so I wonder what's filling up my dropbox

    8GB can also store something like thousands or hundreds of mp3 songs, it's plenty big for SER lists
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